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Nothing is cuter than a hand print art project. Not only do little ones love getting into the paint, but they love that something was made with their very own hand print. This Halloween hand print craft is the perfect activity to do with preschool kids. 

Halloween Hand Print Craft

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What You Will Need For This Halloween Ghost Craft

How To Paint This Halloween Hand Print Craft

This is super simple to make with preschool kids. This is a fantastic sensory project for toddlers or preschool kids and is a super fun and easy project to make in the classroom. 

  1. First get a blank canvas and paint black. Set aside to dry.
  2. Once the canvas is dry, cover your child’s had in white paint.
  3. Make white hand prints on the canvas. Be sure to stamp your hands upside down or simply print the right way up and the turn the art canvas upside down.
  4. Once again leave to dry.
  5. Once the white paint has dried you can now add eyes and a mouth to the ghosts using fingers and thumbs.
  6. Finally, add the words Boo to the canvas or any other spooky words your child would like to choose. 

Your hand print art, Halloween Ghost Canvas is now ready to display! 


Halloween Hand Print Craft

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