String Mummy Halloween Art for Kids

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You’re going to love this String Mummy Halloween Art for Kids! It’s the perfect way for them to be creative in a spooky and silly way! The best part? Once they’re done, they’ll be able to display as fun Halloween decor as well! 

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string mummy halloween art craft

String Mummy Halloween Art for Kids

This is a great activity for the kids to do because it’s one that they can complete on their own. A lot of times, crafting can get overly complicated – and who has time for that? 

Using string to make art is great for teaching the kids that art can come in all different shapes and forms. Yes, you can draw and paint with art, but string and other objects are beautiful and lovely as well. 

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Is Yarn a Good Craft Material?

It is. Yarn is not only pliable, but it can hold its shape as well. That means that the kids will work on their fine motor skills with wrapping, tying, and gluing and learn all the various ways that they can use yarn! 

Tips for making a String Mummy Craft 

The biggest tip for making this Halloween craft is that the kids need to be sure to have the yarn wrapped tightly so that it doesn’t fall apart. This is the best way to keep that mummy looking like a mummy without any issue! 

Wrapping the yarn around the googly eyes is also important as it helps to hold them in place. Even though you are gluing them, the yarn is just securing them as well. No one wants those google eyes to fall off! 

Even though mummies are typically white in color, let the kids have fun and use different colors of yarn as well! 

Materials Needed to Make a Yarn Mummy for Halloween

Just gather up the simple crafting supplies below to get started! 

  • Black-colored paper 
  • Template provided 
  • Yarn 
  • Googly eyes 
  • Double-sided tape 
  • Glue 
  • Glue gun & stick 
  • Scissor 
materials needed to make a yarn mummy

How to Make a Yarn Mummy

Step 1: Print the template provided and cut it. 

cutting out the mummy template

Step 2: Paste it into the black-colored paper, and cut it. 

cutting it out on black paper

Step 3: Attach the googly eyes. 

gluing on the googly eyes

Step 4: Cover the yarn around it until it covers all, but leave the eyes open, and you’re done with your mummy craft this Halloween.

wrapping the yarn around the black template

Why is my yarn not staying put? 

Make sure that the kids are wrapping it tight enough! It doesn’t need to be so tight that it’s causing the paper to wrinkle, but it does need to be tight enough that it holds in place. If all else fails, add some tape and glue to hold it. 

Fun ways to share this Halloween mummy craft 

This would be a super cute decoration for the windows and doors or fun to hand out to the kids that come to the house to trick or treat! 

It’s also just a super easy Halloween craft that is great for putting everyone in the spooky spirit! 

finished yarn mummy for halloween

More Halloween fun 

String Mummy Halloween Art for Kids

mummy halloween craft

This string mummy craft is so much Halloween fun!

Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes


  • ● Black-colored paper
  • ● Template provided
  • ● Yarn
  • ● Googly eyes
  • ● Double-sided tape
  • ● Glue
  • ● Glue gun & stick
  • ● Scissor


Print the template provided and cut it. 

Paste it into the black-colored paper, and cut it. 

Attach the googly eyes. 

Cover the yarn around it until it covers all, but leave the eyes

mummy halloween craft

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