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Galaxy Jar Activity For Kids

Today we are sharing a fantastic STEM activity which is perfect for teaching young children, Nursery and preschool aged about the solar system and galaxy. This fantastic galaxy jar tutorial is fun and easy to make and one the little ones will really enjoy.

GALAXY Jar stem activity

Science is an important subject to teach kids and finding quality STEM activities in the early years can be hard at times. 

Today we will show you how to make a galaxy jar. This would be great to make on Star Wars Day or as a general STEM project.


how to make galaxy jars

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Supplies For This Galaxy Jar STEM Activity

how to make galaxy jars

How To Make Galaxy Jars

Take your 4 disposable cups and fill with water. Add 1-2 squirts of paint to each cup and mix well.

galaxy jar stem activity

Next, pull apart and un-roll 4-5 galaxy jar cotton balls and place in the bottom of the mason jar. Sprinkle glitter on top.

Slowly pour the first paint colour over the cotton balls until they soak up the water.

If you accidentally add to much water, then just add a few more cotton pieces to soak it up.

adding paint to galaxy jar

Repeat step 2 until you have all your layers. Place lid on jar.

adding layers to create a solar system jar


Cut 2 stars out of the silver paper and attach to the piece of string.

Now, wrap your string around the jar and tie.  

You now have a jar from out of this world!

GALAXY jar STEM Activity for kids



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