Galaxy Chocolate Bark Recipe for Kids

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Today we have a fun and exciting recipe to share here on The Inspiration Edit. We are sharing Galaxy Bark for kids which is both delicious and perfect when learning about the Solar System or for celebrating May the 4th. Either way, it’s a fun activity the kids will love taking part in.

Fun Chocolate Galaxy Bark Recipe for Kids

Galaxy Bark

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Ingredients for Galaxy Bark

Galaxy Bark

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How to Make Galaxy Bark

Melt the black chocolate per package directions and spread over a parchment lined baking sheet.

Galaxy Bark

Melt each of the other colours of chocolate and put dots of it all over the black chocolate.

Galaxy Bark

Take a knife and swirl the colours around.

Make sure you don’t over swirl the colours, you still want to see plenty of the black chocolate.

Chocolate Galaxy Bark

Sprinkle the nonpareils and the gold stars all over the chocolate.

Chocolate Galaxy Bark

Let the chocolate harden and then break it into pieces.

Chocolate Galaxy Bark

This Galaxy Bark is a fun treat to make with the kids!

diy galaxy bark recipe

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