Disney Frozen Party Craft Ideas

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Fantastic Frozen Activities And Crafts For Kids

With the upcoming release of the Frozen 2 movie happening soon, these Disney Frozen party craft ideas need to be on your radar. They’re not only adorable, but they’ll help bring on the excitement for the new movie, too!

Make certain to gather up your popcorn and plan a fun DIY Disney crafts night. While you can choose a couple of these to make, why limit yourself? These are super fun crafts to do with kids and you should try to do them all!

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Fun Crafts to Do With Kids Inspired by Princess Elsa!

Paper Elsa Ornament

Paper ornaments can turn out to be the perfect decoration for any themed party that you’re hosting, and if you’re on the hunt for something Frozen themed, here’s a free printable to get you started. 

DIY Disney Frozen Ice Castle

Perfect for pretend play and for all Frozen movie fans out there, this DIY ice castle is super easy to make as a craft project. 

Frozen Princess Crown

And here’s another Frozen themed princess crown activity that you can get your little girl to try making! 

Frozen Elsa Crown Sven Reindeer Antler

From Elsa’s crown to the reindeer antlers, here are some free Frozen themed printables that could be great for a themed party that you’re hosting. 

Invitation to Build Elsa’s Ice Palace

Using sugar cubes and just a few other supplies, you can get your toddler to team up and help you create this beautiful Frozen themed ice castle!

Disney Frozen Birthday Party Activities

Olaf Bowling Game

Time to make your themed party even more fun with this Frozen’s Olaf themed bowling game that’s perfect for guests of all ages! 

Sven & Kristoff Ice Block Races

Hunting for a fun Frozen themed activity to get the kiddos engaged in? This ice block race is perfect and is super easy to host too! 

Popsicle Sticks Olaf Snowman

Love popsicle crafts? Here’s another cool and inspired Frozen themed craft that gets your toddler to use up the sticks to make Olaf! 

Frozen Craft Puppets

Super easy to make and lots of puppet fun, you can now get your kiddo to turn her favorite Frozen characters into these puppets, all with the free printables! 

Sensory Activities for Kids -Disney Frozen Inspired

Frozen Water Magic Science

Time to make teaching your kiddo about science even more fun! Try this Frozen themed activity that does just that and more! 

Frozen Movie Olaf Slime

And here’s a super easy slime you can get your kiddo to try out to get him involved in some sensory play! It is themed around his favorite movie- Frozen! 

Melting Elsa’s Frozen Hands

Looking for another fun Frozen themed sensory play activity for your toddler? These Elsa’s hands are just perfect! 

Elsa and Ahna No Carve Pumpkins

Looking for fun ways to decorate pumpkins when its Halloween? Go beyond the basic carving and get your toddler involved in these easy to make Elsa and Ahna themed pumpkins!

More Fantastic Frozen Easy Kids Activities

Frozen Erupting Snow

And here’s a fun toddler approved activity that’s the perfect blend of science and fun! Plus, it is Frozen themed! 

Disney Frozen DIY Bubble Wands

Time to make those bubble wands even more fun momma! Get your toddler to make these Disney inspired bubble wands on their own! 

Frozen Story Stones

Super easy, lots of fun and completely frugal- these Frozen themed stones are great to keep your kiddo busy for a while. 

Olaf Sock Snowman

Time to use that old white sock and turn it into Olaf! Get your toddler to try out this fun and interesting building activity! 

Build the Castle of Arendelle

And here’s a winter themed activity that’s perfect for preschoolers! Help your kid discover how to build the castle of Arendelle. 

Frozen Chill Out Bottle

Thinking of trying out a relaxation bottle? This Frozen themed one is great, and is super easy to make too!

And finally, these fantastic Frozen themed ornaments can be found here on The Inspiration Edit with the free templates!

Olaf Ornament DIY Disney Craft

And if you’re on the hunt for some fun ornaments to put up as decorations for your Frozen themed party, here’s the perfect one to get started on. 

Elsa Ornament DIY Disney Craft

With free printable templates, you just can’t go wrong! These Elsa themed ornaments look beautiful and are super easy to assemble too! 

Anna Ornament DIY Disney Craft

And of course, Elsa is incomplete without Ahna right? Make sure you try making these themed ornaments too!

diy frozen disney ornaments


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