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Being a pet owner is a wonderful thing. We love our Dogs Yoda and Casper and they brighten up our day. There are so many positives to owning a dog and for us these always outweigh the “pet peeves” that our two little monkeys get up to. They can be really naughty at times!

When deciding which dog to buy two years ago, there were a few things we took into consideration. One huge factor for us was our dog’s hair type. I wanted a dog that did not shed much and a Bichon Frise is great for this.

vacuum cleaner

Despite the fact Yoda and Casper don’t shed much, we still find dog hair on the carpet and stairs and we need to hoover it up regularly. We also have friends who visit with their pets and some of them shed hair absolutely everywhere.

Our car also ends up covered in dog hair when we give our “blind” friend a ride to town. My friend owns a guide dog who is trained to sit in the front seat. After giving a pet a ride in the car we often find hair everywhere and once again we find ourselves using the vacuum.

I currently have a really great Vaccum. It is a Henry Vaccum and does a really great job suction wise, however it is getting old and in future when we upgrade I will be looking for the best vacuum for dealing with dog pet hair.

My experience of the Henry vacuum has always been positive, but next time I want a stand up vacuum which I can push around rather than pull along. I think that would be easier to use with my health conditions. I’ve heard the Dyson is a great brand and the Bissell Vacuum but I honestly don’t have much experience with vacuums to know which is superior.

Sometimes you can choose a pet which does not shed, other times you may love a certain breed such as pugs, who are notorious for shedding hair. Other times you may need a trained dog such as a Guide Dog, and have no choice but to have a dog who sheds.

So I thought I’d write about the situation and ask the question, Which Vacuum cleaner would you recommend? I’d love to hear what works for you and what doesn’t work. This could help me make a better informed decision when we do get an upgrade.

Do you have a pet that sheds?  Is it easy to vacuum the hair? What are your top tips?

Angela x

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