Nestlings Review a Fun Interactive Toy for Kids

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Nestlings Review A Fun Interactive Toy For Kids – Gifted

This week Sylvia received a super cute Nestling in the mail for the purpose of review. We were really excited because this was a toy we had seen advertised on television and it’s one Sylvia had said she would love to own. 

What Is a Nestling

In a nutshell a Nestling is a super cute creature that kids can play with. The Mother nestling is quite large and comes with plastic nest that she can sit upon. 

The mother nestling has two eggs, baby nestlings inside her body and with time she will lay her eggs and the nestlings can hatch. 

Nestlings Are Interactive

A nestling toy is fun to play with. Not only does the mama nestling lay her eggs, she plays games, and interacts. You can press the nestlings nose and head and her eyes will glow in different colours to show her mood. After playing with the Nestling her heart will glow to let your child know it is time to return the Nestling to her nest.

What Batteries Do You Need for a Nestling?

A Nestling Toy requires 3 AAA batteries and this allows your Nestling to interact and to open up and lay her nestling eggs. We had a teal mama Nestling who gave birth to two baby nestlings. One was pink and one was teal. 

You will need to purchase batteries for your Nestling in addition to the toy. 

Nestlings Review – You Get Two Baby Nestlings

The baby Nestlings are super cute and can be taken out of their eggs and placed back in. In fact, the eggs can be placed back into the Mama Nestling toy and she can lay her eggs over and over again. It really is quite fun. 

Nestlings – A Great Gift Idea for Kids

My daughter loves her new Nestling. We sometimes review toys and pass them on to family members but this toy has taken up residency in my daughter’s bedroom and is not going anywhere! 

We have a real winner hear in my child’s eyes. She loves her Nestling and I think it would make a great gift for any child. In fact, this would be a great birthday or Christmas present. 

You can purchase a Nestling from your local toy store and they retail for at around £37.99. This is a fun toy and one that I imagine will be played with quite a lot in the coming weeks. 

This item was gifted. All opinion sand views are my own. 

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  1. What a sweet sounding toy. It is good that once the Nestlings hatch you can put them back in and do it all over again. What a great price too. I expected them to cost a lot more. x

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