Very Nice Christmas Gifts for the Home

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When I was a child I remember going to a store with my aunt to buy Christmas gifts for my mum. I bought my mum a mop, some sponges, a bucket and cleaning products. I was so excited and I thought my mum would be too.

As it turned out my mum didn’t really want cleaning equipment for Christmas. In fact she was a little upset that we had bought items to clean the home rather than something special and unique just for her.

Looking back I now understand why mum was so upset. She was always cleaning and buying a mop was just rubbing the salt in the wound.


A New Mop for Christmas

Ironically when my husband John asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year, I told him I’d like a mop! It made me chuckle to be honest. The thing is, I had some help cleaning my home a few months back and a steam mop was used. It was great. The floors shone and I was so impressed that I immediately added this to my kitchen wish list.


Unlike mum, I love to clean, when I am well enough. In fact more than anything I love a clean home and when Very contacted me with the opportunity to receive a few gifts for Christmas I was excited to see they had a range of steam mops available online.


Vax Steam Fresh Combi Classic Steam Mop

After browsing the electrical appliances on the Very website, I chose the Vax S86-SF-CC Steam Fresh Combi Classic Mop. This steam mop is really good as it has an angular head which allows you to reach the most awkward of areas.


The steam mop heats up in just 20 seconds and the water tank can last for up to 15 minutes.


You can add steam detergent to the tank and the end result is a floor that looks clean and bright.


Steaming the Cooker and Kitchen Tiles

The one thing I love about this Vax steam mop is that it converts into a handheld steamer and has plenty of accessories to allow you to steam clean the cooker, the grill and even the kitchen tiles.


It’s a fantastic piece of equipment and I’m excited to have this useful tool in my home. I’m also excited to try this out in the bathroom and get the tiles and windows looking fresh and new.


Electrical Items From Very

Now the exciting news is that along with the Steam Mop we are getting our very first Dishwasher from Very (mind the pun). I am so excited about this! In fact, in February we will be moving permanently to my parents home and so the dishwasher is going to be installed directly into my Mum’s kitchen.

This time my mum is over the moon. It will be so good to have a dishwasher, especially as there will be seven of us living together. I’m excited to be able to receive this wonderful item and I can’t wait to see it in action! Washing dishes is going to be so much easier!

I have a few more items on my electrical wish list and I’m going to slowly work at getting them one at a time… The next thing I’d like is a Ninja Foodie Blender! How about you? What electrical items would you choose if you were to receive a gift this Christmas?

The steam mop and dishwasher were gifted as part of this blog post. All opinions and views are my own!

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