Common Donor Egg Concerns Will the Baby Look Like Me

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As a mother familiar with infertility treatment options and as someone who has lived through the infertility journey I wanted to write about Donor Egg concerns and answer some of the questions parents may have when considering Donor Egg Treatment.

Donor Egg Will the Baby Look Like Me?

One of the most common questions you may have is will my baby look like me? 

Other questions one may ask when considering egg donation is whether the egg donor baby will look like the mother? Also there may be concerns over whether a mum can or can’t bond with their egg donor baby.

Will My Baby Look Like Me? Common Donor Egg Concerns

The good news is that an egg donor baby can look like you. I hope this article puts your mind at ease when it come to egg donor fertility treatment.

I really do hope this post helps.

Keep reading and I’ll answer your questions. 

will my egg donor baby look like me?

Is Your Donor Egg Baby Going to Look Like You?

After years of trying for a baby and facing infertility issues, you’ve finally found a potential solution -donor egg IVF. 

There are many infertility treatment options such as egg donation, and with this there can be some lingering concerns and questions such as what will my baby look like?

When considering donor egg treatment you may have many questions. Will you establish an unbreakable bond with your baby, knowing he or she doesn’t share the same genes?  

These are common concerns for parents-to-be thinking about finding an egg donor through egg banks such as

You’ve been provided a glimmer of hope in your journey to have a baby, but it’s completely understandable that you’re struggling to accept the way things have panned out, especially after dreaming of your perfect family for so long. 

can't bond with egg donor baby

Is Infertility Stressful?

I struggled as I attempted to start a family with my husband. We had many highs and lows and my journey to Motherhood was not easy.

We considered a number of infertility treatment options and eventually I fell pregnant with IUI Fertility treatment.

But did you know there is still a chance your baby will look like you and that they’ll share some of your characteristics or favourite features?

Maybe your baby will have blue eyes like you? 

Want to know how? Read on! 

How Can My Donor Egg Baby Look Like Me?

After deciding an egg donor is the right decision for you and your family, you’ll start your search for the ideal donor. You have two choices: using an agency or finding someone you know.

will my egg donor baby look like me?

Creating Criteria for Your Egg Donor – and Being as Specific as You Wish  

If you opt for a donor from your family, you can pass on your family’s genetics to your baby.

You will need to seriously think about how will this arrangement might work in the future?

Could a donor egg from a family member get in the way of your family relationships further down the line, especially if you tell your child who their donor is?

The woman who donates her eggs will also need to feel comfortable with the situation. Will she question your parenting decisions or try to “mother” your new baby?

Using an egg donor from a family member will give you peace of mind when you ask the question what will my baby look like?

can't bond with egg donor baby

What Is My Baby Going to Look Like if I Use an Anonymous Egg Donor?

When opting to use an egg bank rest assured your baby can look like you. I hope this gives you peace of mind.

Many egg donor programs have two options: the donor’s identity remains completely anonymous, or the donor’s identity can be learned at a later date.   

Either way, some people assume these egg donor options will remove the genetic similarities.

This is not the case! 

Although a donor eggs from an egg bank won’t carry your genes, this doesn’t mean your baby won’t have any of your characteristics or physical traits.

How Can My Baby Look Like Me?

With egg banks, it’s possible to create a list of criteria you wish your egg donor to possess. From their favourite pastimes to the colour of their hair and eyes, you can be incredibly specific.

When you know what physical and psychological traits your baby may be born with, it can allow you to bond with your baby right away.

It’s Still Possible to Pass On Your Genetics, Too?

Alongside the heartwarming fact that your baby may share your unique traits, there’s a truly magnificent possibility they can still have your genetics.

How is this possible?

According to a groundbreaking study, mothers using donated eggs may still pass on some of their genetic material through their endometrial fluid.

Your body secretes tiny molecules into the womb (microRNAs), and these act as a communication system between you and your baby.

These microRNA’s are released into the endometrial fluid which surrounds the early embryo, and can determine which genes are expressed in your baby.  

You know what this means, don’t you? 

Donor egg IVF allows you to still influence the growth of your child at the most minute level, fortifying the bond you create with him as you carry him in the womb.

will my egg donor baby look like me?

Your Egg Donor Baby Can Look Like You! It Is Very Possible!

Even genetically-related mothers can’t guarantee their child will look like them, as genes often skip a generation or are influenced by other factors, including the father’s genes. Whether you have a biological child or use a donor egg, the chance are your baby will have some of your traits. 

Undertaking donor egg IVF simply provides an alternative avenue to become a Mother and create physical and maternal connections between you and your baby. You can choose an egg donor you’re happy with and have peace of mind that you’ll influence the gene expression of your baby. There are requirements to donate eggs and you can read all about this as you embark on your egg donor journey.

Therefore, the answer to the question? Will my Egg Donor Baby Look Like Me is Yes! 

donor egg concerns what will the baby look like?

More Donor Egg Child Questions You May Have

  • Will my egg donor baby bond with me?
  • Will my baby be as healthy as a biological child?
  • Donor eggs will the baby look like me?
  • Will my baby like the same music as me?
  • Will I feel guilty for using another women’s donor egg?
  • Will I be able to breast feed?
  • Will I have the energy to parent now I am much older?
  • If I donate eggs will the baby look like me?
egg donor baby questions

How Do I Bond With My Egg Donor Baby

Let’s discover how you can create an everlasting connection with your child? Fertility treatment causes one to ride a rollercoaster of emotions and the best way to get through this is to embrace the highs and the lows. 

Wrapping your head around the fact you’re using another woman’s eggs isn’t easy – and it’s not something you’ll come to terms with overnight.

You may feel isolated, frustrated, and perhaps even upset that you aren’t welcoming this idea with open arms. Infertility is not an easy journey. Trust me I know! 

You may have concerns that you won’t accept your child, or that your child will reject you in the future if you tell them they were conceived with an egg donor.

Egg donors are often anonymous – what if your child becomes confused about their heritage and who they really are?

It’s important to ask these questions and not give in to your fears. You need to feel happy with your decision before embarking on the next stage of donor egg IVF.

You may find it beneficial to visit a therapist with your partner to work through each of your hopes and fears.

Talking with a counsellor or therapist and with your partner can help you to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally to become the mother of your egg donor child.

It’s not always going to be easy but trust me, once your bundle of joy is in your arms, the oxytocin will take over and your bond will grow into something very beautiful.

It is certainly possible to create an unbreakable motherly bond with your baby – and they can even look like you, too!


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  2. Reading your article has given me a bit of relief still I am a bit scared that will my egg doner child look like me?

  3. I was an egg donor 16 years ago and it’s been the most loving experience of my life . The people I donated my eggs to have been a very precious part of my life . I conceived my child because two couples was so wanting to have a child, they helped me because I couldn’t afford my treatment. I’ve never met this couple and dont even know who they are, but I really hope it all worked out for them . It doesn’t matter what our children look like it’s the love you give them . Life is precious and good look to all of you who are so wanting a child to love .

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