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If you’re looking for fun crafts for preschoolers or kindergarten kids then we have a real treat for you today. Here are some easy Alien craft ideas to make in the home or classroom.

As a preschool teacher I really enjoyed the story Aliens Love Underpants. The kids found this book series hilarious and also loved to sing the 5 little men in the flying saucer song. Aliens were a big hit for both my Pre-k boys and girls and so we often had fun creating Alien crafts.

Today I’m sharing some easy alien craft ideas for your little ones to enjoy. Which do you like the most? I’d love to know! Please comment at the bottom!


aliens crafts for kids to make

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Alien Craft Ideas for Kids

If you would like to make an easy and simple no sew felt alien or a easy popsicle stick spaceship then here are some great ideas for you to try.

Glued to My Crafts – Popsicle Stick Spaceship

You’ll be surprised at how you can easily get your toddler hooked to a popsicle and paper plate craft that’s so adorable too! 

Artsy Craftsy Mom – Plastic Egg Alien

Got leftover plastic eggs from easter? Don’t throw them away. Get your toddler to use them up in this fun alien themed activity. 

Twin Dragonfly Designs – No-Sew Silly Felt Aliens

No sew projects are always a hit among growing kids, and this one, which uses felt, is perfect when you’re teaching your kid about extraterrestrial life. 

The Tip Toe Fairy – Glowing Alien Rock Slime

Time for a fun sensory activity to get your toddler to engage in. This glowing alien rock theme slime is perfect! 

Dollar Store Crafts – Alien Lamp

Ready to try your hands at, and get your toddler involved in a nice home decor idea that’s alien themed? This one’s an excellent project to try! 

Happiness is Homemade – Alien Creature Name Monster

How about giving your toddler a lesson in symmetry, and also make it fun and alien themed? This one’s a great activity to try out!

Alien Crafts for Preschool Kids

These preschool Alien crafts are super fun and one’s the little ones will enjoy making time and time again! You might want to create a space scene or out of space themed board to add all your Alien crafts and alien art ideas.

Red Ted Art – Handprint Alphabet – A is for Alien

Time to get your kiddo involved in a little hand painting fun folks! This easy activity is just right! 

Crafts on Sea – Bubble Wrap Alien Craft

Got some extra bubble wrap lying around? Here’s a fun alien craft to get your kid involved in, using just that. 

Rainy Day Mum – Flying Saucer Craft

Hunting for some fun space themed crafts and activities for your kiddo? This flying saucer craft is an excellent pick. 

The Crafting Chicks – UFO Paper Plate Craft

Glittery, easy and fun- that’s what this paper plate craft is all about. Perfect to get your toddler involved in if you’re hunting for alien themed activities. 

Artsy Craftsy Mom – Cardboard Tube Aliens

How about getting your toddler to use leftover cardboard tubes to create these fun and colorful aliens?

alien toilet tubes

More Super Fun Alien Craft Activities

Here are more fun and easy alien craft activities for your kids to enjoy. I made the cutest Aliens love underpants story spoons below, check out the tutorial! It’s super simple and would make a great learning resource for kids.

Crafts by Amanda – Paper Plate Flying Saucer

Time to use paper plates to craft a flying saucer momma! Get your toddler to try this to keep the cabin fever away! 

Arts Crackers – Glow Stick Alien Necklace

Using old glow in the dark sticks, you can get your little one to create this fun and quirky necklace as a craft activity! 

Arts Crackers – Glowing UFO Craft

Your toddler will be in awe after trying his hands at this beautiful glowing UFO themed craft activity. 

All For the Boys – Jumping Alien and Galaxy Art

Inspired by the Amazon Prime show called Creative Galaxy, this craft idea is another excellent boredom buster for your toddler. 

The Inspiration Edit – Aliens Love Underpants Wooden Spoons

And here’s another fun and exciting alien themed activity to get your kiddo to try out! This one uses wooden spoons and just a little bit of paint!  

Story Spoons for young children to learn to read

The Craft Mobile – Alien Art from Old Envelopes

Looking for a fun and easy alien themed activity for your toddler? This one just uses old envelopes! 

Housing a Forest – Alien Marker Prints

Get your toddler to learn how to use markers in an entirely new way with this alien inspired craft activity. 

Ma’s and Pa’s – Blow Paint Aliens

Blow painting is another excellent activity to get your toddler to try, and this one’s inspired by extraterrestrial life. All the more reason for you to get him to try it! 

Momfessionals – Aliens Love Underpants Book Craft

And here’s another excellent activity centered around the famous children’s book Aliens Love Underpants. 

No Time For Flashcards – Alien Hats

Does your kiddo love playing dress up? These alien themed hats can be the perfect activity to try and inspire him even more!

Check out our Flying Saucer Men here on The Inspiration Edit. It’s a great craft and a fantastic music resource too!

alien craft template

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Alien crafts for preschool kids

Angela Milnes is a Qualified Early Years Teacher who has specialised in Preschool and Kindergarten teaching. She has a wealth of experience teaching young children and is passionate about kids crafts and having fun as a family. Angela has also taught cooking skills and loves to share both family recipes and easy crafts here on The Inspiration Edit. Follow her on Pinterest!

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