Power Control and Abuse

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Power Control and Abuse

Every relationship is unhealthy and abusive when one partner seeks to gain power and control over the other. To be frank, when one uses any of the abusive techniques mentioned in this series, it is done in effort of gaining control over a relationship.

Shark Control

Welcome to Chapter Ten of  

Understanding The different types of Abuse 

Previously: Shark Messages Are False Messages

Chapter Ten


power and control

Abuse is wrong! Relationships should be equal and balanced. Both partners should have a say in what happens, how they live, who works, how the money is spent and how things should be. A Controlling Shark however, will seek to take the power from their partner, making all decisions, Isolating, using intimidation, threats and coercion to get their partner to do as they please.

A controlling partner may do any of the following:

Isolate their partner from friends and family

Decide where the couple will live
Tell the partner what to wear
Tell the partner when to bath

Make all the decisions

Control money and finances

Overrule the Partner

Refuse to listen

Agree to things and then do it their own way

Allow the partner to make a decision and then criticise them

Decide when and how things are done controlling television, phone and internet

Non-consensual sexual behaviour

Threatening to break personal items, phone, glasses to get own way

Threatening to hurt partner’s family members

Deliberately driving dangerously

Using body language, ”the glare” and looks to control a partner

Using children as a way to control the partner

At the end of the day an abusive shark is one who seeks to gain power and control over their partner. This is Abuse and no one deserves to be treated this way.

Angela x


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