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If you are looking for a fun Goldfish Craft that can be enjoyed by both younger and older kids, this is just what you need. The quilling adds a little more difficulty to the craft but is also a great way to build those fine motor skills in the younger kiddos. Whether you are teaching G is for goldfish or driving home a comprehension concept, this easy quilled goldfish craft is something everyone will love. 

goldfish craft

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Quilled Goldfish Craft Supplies

  1. Quilling Paper
  2. Paper Glue 
  3. Scissors
  4. Quilling Tools
  5. Colorful craft papers

You Need to Prep

Take 6 inches long orange and yellow quilling papers. 

30 to 35 strips.

How to Make this Goldfish Craft

Step 1:

First, take a half of an A4 sized light blue craft paper.

Then take a darker blue paper and cut it in a wavy shape on one side. 

Step 2:

Glue the darker blue paper over the lighter blue one. 

Step 3:

Draw the template of the goldfish using a blank pen on the blue paper. 

Then take an orange quilling paper and glue it along the line of the body for the goldfish. 

You can print out the pattern for the goldfish using the template on an orange paper, then separately make the goldfish and glue it on the blue paper as well. 

Step 4:

Start filling in the body of the goldfish using slightly tight and small orange coils. 

Use a few yellow coils randomly or according to your choice with the orange coils.

Start from any corner. 

Step 5:

Fill it up using orange and yellow quilled coils. All of the coils don’t need to be in the same size. You can use a combination of loose and tight quilled coils to fill up the body for the goldfish. 

Step 6:

Now take a yellow quilling strip and glue it over the lines of the goldfish’s head. 

Then, start gluing yellow quilled coils of various sizes from the front side of the head.

Step 7:

Then, fill up the head using yellow quilled coils. 

Step 8:

Next, take a longer yellow quilling strip and glue it along the tail of the goldfish. 

Step 9:

Now take more yellow quilling strips and glue them along the lines of the fins of the goldfish. 

Goldfish Craft

Step 10:

Add a little final touch to the goldfish by gluing small strips inside the tail and fins to add more details to the goldfish. 

Goldfish Craft

Then take some darker blue quilling paper and make some circular shapes. 

Glue them above the goldfish as water bubbles. 

And there you go! Your goldfish is READY!

Goldfish Craft

Download Your Goldfish Craft Template Here

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quilling goldfish craft project