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One of the things we lack in society today is creativity. You can grab an Easter egg dying kit from the store and follow the simple directions, or you can get a little more creative with your egg dying. Not only are Easter eggs dyed with rice much less messy, but they allow little ones the opportunity to use their creativity when decorating their eggs. 

Using rice to decorate your eggs is also a great sensory station for little ones. Those who have sensory issues, Autism, or another disability will love this sensory idea as well! 

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What’s Needed

Rice, eggs, and food coloring

Easter Eggs Dyed with Rice Directions

Place one cup of rice into each bag and add 7-8 drops of food coloring into each one.

Prepare rice bags

Close bag and squish the rice around so all the color mixes in well.

Add the food coloring

Now the rice is colored you are ready to begin dying your eggs. 

Open up and place 1 hard boiled egg inside each bag.

Easter eggs dyed with rice

Close bag and shake the bag around until you have your desired color.

Repeat step 2 until all the eggs are colored.

Have fun mixing two or three colors or make a fun rainbow egg with all the colors.

Place back in carton or on paper towels to dry and store in refrigerator.

Your eggs are now ready to display! 

Finished Easter Eggs dyed with rice

I think these are fabulous easter eggs! What do you think?

Rice dyed Easter eggs

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