10 Tips to Make the Bathroom More Family-Friendly

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When was the last time you considered your bathroom decor? The bathroom is exposed to a lot of wear and tear over time. As such, it’s fair to say that most American families need to update or renew their bathroom settings regularly. But what are your priorities when you consider a bathroom remodel? Do you focus on upgrading your shower system or transforming the layout? There are so many options that it can be hard to choose how to proceed. 

You have to focus on functionality when it comes to the bathroom. As it’s a room that the entire family is going to be using, it needs to be family-friendly and suits your values. So, what do you need to consider when you are creating a bathroom that fits your family? Here are 10 ideas to get you started for all budgets.

#1. Make It Accessible

Accessibility plays a huge role in the design of the bathroom. It might not seem like much at first, but not every member of the family can easily access the shower or the bathtub depending on your setting. Older relatives can struggle with tubs and showers that include steps. As mobility and agility can decrease with old age, seniors are more at risk of falls and injuries when they need to step in and out of the shower or tub. Similarly, if you have a dog, you may also want to consider solutions that will guarantee easy access. Nobody wants to carry a large dog into the shower or bathtub for a wash! As a result, walk-in shower options are a fantastic solution for accessibility. For seniors and individuals with reduced mobility, it can be helpful to consider the addition of a seating area inside the shower. You can find specialist chairs that don’t take a lot of room but make your bathroom accessible to all. 

#2. Use Smart Storage

It doesn’t matter how spacious your bathroom is. It’ll end up being too small when everyone wants to add their tools and products. To avoid cramming the space, you need to maximize storage facilities. Smart storage solutions can completely transform your bathroom. While they are a go-to space-saver in small homes, they can also be beneficial in large rooms. Some of the favorite tricks include high and low hooks that are ideal to hang the family towels. If you don’t have a linen closet for all your towels, a small shelf above the door will keep everything tidy and within reach. You can install a compact shelf that’s attached to an outlet to keep all your electric toothbrushes and razors in one place — no more loose and messy cords! 

#3. Help Everyone Make Friends With the Soap

Did you know that soap was the number one enemy in the bathroom? Some soap bars and shower gels contain potentially abrasive ingredients that can lead to allergic reactions, irritations, and discomfort. If you have sensitive skin, you could find it difficult to find the right product for the shower. Similarly, children have very sensitive skin, which can lead to extreme discomfort during bathtime, depending on the soap products you use. If you have teens at home, remember that their bodies are going through many hormonal changes and can react to some ingredients. Consequently, it can be a good idea to replace store-bought soap bars and gels with homemade soap and safe body scrubs. You’re in control of the ingredients; you don’t have to worry about allergic reactions. 

#4. Declutter Your Products

How many beauty products do you own? The average woman in the U.S. owns over 20 different beauty products. However, most of us never use more than a handful of these every day. We tend to accumulate products and gadgets over time. Makeup is another common issue in the bathroom, especially if you have been self-isolating or working from home. You might own too many makeup products, among which some may not be usable anymore. Decluttering your bathroom shelves and cabinets will help remove all the unnecessary items you’ve kept. A minimal beauty routine will not only save you time and space, but it will also be less stressful. 

#5. Pick Exciting Colors

Bathroom paint can transform the room completely. Most bathroom improvement projects include a fresh coat of paint. But it can be tricky to pick a color that will revive the space. White and cream are popular choices in the typical American household. But how about creating an exciting space by using some designers’ must-have paint colors instead? Ultimately, your family is more likely to help maintain the bathroom when they find the room appealing and elegant. Modern shades such as Cinder Rose by Farrow & Ball and Teresa Green can liven up the space. For something a little more muted, a soft tan by Sherwin-Williams can bring the room together with a sophisticated touch. 

#6. Personalize the Towels

Bathroom towel sets are a popular addition. Ye,t they can be dull. After all, how are you going to recognize one towel from another when everyone has got the same? It pays off to allow each family member to choose a unique set. For instance, your younger son could pick a blue towel set, while your teen daughter may feel more comfortable with deep purple towels. Alternatively, you can also include embroidery for each towel, ensuring everyone has a towel with their name on it. This can be a good idea when you have guests, as it will reduce confusion in the bathroom. 

#7. Choose Natural and Organic Products

Your bathroom needs to showcase your environmental values. You can’t call yourself a nature lover and accumulate plastic bottles and unethical products in the bathroom. Now’s the ideal time to look into organic products for cleaning and personal care purposes. Organic skincare products use fully recyclable packaging and maximize the goodness of plants. They also are cruelty-free and often connected to ethical causes. Additionally, unlike synthetic products, they do not use potentially harmful chemicals that can lead to skin reactions. They are safe and nourishing, using ingredients that your body is familiar with. The same principle goes for cleaning products for the bathroom. Harsh bleach and chemicals can leave a thin layer on the surface, leading to irritation for sensitive skin. 

#8. Use Recycled Toilet Rolls

If you are not familiar with the brand Who Gives a Crap, it’s about to change! The organization is specialized in the production and delivery of recycled toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, and tissues. The organization values green production and delivery solutions. Additionally, you can contribute to sustainability by reusing your toilet paper rolls for various purposes. They are also committed to supporting impoverished communities. The company donates 50% of its profits to build toilet access in vulnerable communities. So, it’s the ideal charity to support directly from your bathroom.

#9. Use Smart Taps

Smart faucets can transform your life in the bathroom. Small children often struggle to turn on the tap, as they are too small to reach. A smart faucet with a sensor can activate when they need it. Besides, it is also a great solution for all those forgetful moments when you leave the faucet open. Why waste water when you can let the tap regulate your water consumption? 

#10. Add Green Plants

Last but not least, houseplants can add a touch of green to your home. In the bathroom, moisture-resistant houseplants can help reduce the humidity levels while releasing more oxygen. As a consequence, the bathroom feels fresher. Controlling humidity also helps keep mold spread at bay! 

Hopefully, these few ideas can give you some inspiration to create a bathroom your family will love. As mentioned earlier, if you are going to improve your bathroom, you want to consider shower and bath solutions, decor, layout, storage options, and health improvements. A bathroom that suits your needs is unique. But that’s what makes it so special. 

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