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How To Grow Fresh Herbs with Kids


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Learn how to grow fresh herbs. Grow Herbs From home, Be frugal gardening tips

Last year Sylvia and I received an awesome package in the mail from Handy Herbs. I have to be honest, the last time I’d grown anything edible before this was back in New Zealand when I was pregnant.

How To Grow Fresh Herbs

I purchased a huge compost bag, threw in a load of tomato seeds and to my surprise by the end of the pregnancy there were tons of tomatoes. Not just a few but many and I used them all. It was brilliant.

I’ve always wanted to get back into gardening and plan to get a vegetable patch later on this year. The one thing I’ve found a little frustrating recently is when we try to cook new healthy recipes.

There are often different herbs and ingredients which need adding. Although we have a good supply of dried herbs, we don’t have fresh herbs. It’s something I’ve never really purchased and not something we budget for.


So, I decided that growing some fresh herbs in the home would be a great start as well as an opportunity to add some goodness to our meals and complete a fun activity with Sylvia.

Not having any experience at growing herbs we received the perfect package. A grow your own herbs kit, with easy to read instructions, easy enough for a child and mother with no prior experience to follow.

We had such fun doing this activity and John took some fab pictures as we went about planting our first ever herb plants.

First we got the plant pots ready, found the instruction cards and poured a litre of water into a large bowl.

We then put the compost pellets into the bowl of water and left it to soak for ten minutes. Sylvia gave it a good mix to help soften the soil and we prepared the seeds ready for the next step.

The next step we spooned the soil into the four pant pots, leaving behind 4 heaps spoonfuls to use after planting the seed. Sylvia then emptied the seeds into each pot and covered them with the remaining soil.

Once the soil was completed we poured half a litre of water into the reservoir and popped the lollipop sticks in the plant pots.

John then helped Sylvia carry the pot to the windowsill and all we have to do now is turn the pot around once a day and refill the reservoir each week.

It will take a while for our herbs to grow but we are super excited and Sylvia has taken on the responsibility of turning the plant each day!

I hope you enjoyed reading our post. We had lots of fun doing this activity and it was something I’ve been wanting to do for some time.

The Handy Herb Kit was sent to us for to try out in return for this blog post.

Angela x


How To Grow Fresh Herbs With Kids


  1. How fun! I like that all the pots are separated, yet connected into one large piece that you can move around easily. What a nice activity to do with your child and a fantastic learning tool as well! My daughter would love to do this and watch the herbs grow. Great review, Angela! #PositivelyPosted

    1. yes they are a really cool design! I love it and we will be able to reuse them many times hopefully. This was our first attempt with herbs and im excited to say they are beginning to sprout and Sylvia was very excited!

      Angela x

    1. it’s a fab activity Emma! We loved it and we plan to try out the recipes once they are grown! I also want to move on to bigger things next year! Tomatoes! Exciting!

      Angela x

    1. Sylvia is obsessed with checking the plant every day. We got some more plant gear really cheap, some posts for 30p and items which are being sold off cheap at the end of season and plan to use them in the spring! Exciting! Angela xx

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