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Here are some fantastic DIY upcycle projects using baskets. 

Are you a fan of upcycling projects? If so you will love this fantastic blog post. Today I am sharing some fantastic things to make using old baskets. Upcycled projects are something I have always felt passionate about. It’s something I inherited from my dad!

My Dad is such a handyman and to me he is the king of upcycling. You name it, my dad has upcycled it and he passed his love of upcycling to me. Dad has a garage full of tools and I loved visiting him to see what his next project would be. 

These simple upcycling ideas using baskets will wow you. I love them all. Which is your favourite? I’d love to know. 

Upcycling Projects Using Baskets

Creative Ideas Using Baskets

Here are some fantastic ways to upcycle a basket. Whether it’s a laundry basket, a metal basket or a vinyl basket, there are some fantastic upcycling ideas in this list. Enjoy!

Laundry Hamper to Burlap Basket Upcycle from

Simple Upcycled Basket Planter With Paint from

DIY Boucherouite Inspired Basket from

Transform A Basket Into A Lamp from

DIY Farmhouse Style Metal Baskets from

DIY Vinyl Storage Basket from

More Creative Upcycling Projects 

I love the wire basket side table, I think it’s a fantastic way to make use of an old basket. Why not get out the paints and change the colour of your new basket project. You may 

DIY Wire Basket Side Table from

Easy Upcycled Bike Basket from

Cat Basket DIY from

DIY Watercolor Basket Makeover from

DIY Wire Basket Lights from

DIY Painted Woven Basket from

Hanging Floral Basket Art from

Upcycling Ideas You Will Love! 

Here are the final set of brilliant upcycling ideas when using baskets. I love the French vintage basket, it’s pretty impressive and the DIY circle shelf is pretty cute. What do you think? 

Rustic Basket Upcycle from

Fall Floral Tobacco Basket Wreath from

DIY French Vintage Basket from

DIY Basket Coffee Table from

Upcycling A Harvest Basket Into A Flower Basket from

DIY Circle Shelf from

Hanging Baskets For Bathroom Storage from

More creative ideas you will love! 

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Upcycling Projects Using Baskets