Amazing Upcycling Projects Using Baskets

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Are you a fan of upcycling projects? If so you will love this fantastic blog post. Today I am sharing some fantastic things to make using old baskets. Upcycled projects are something I have always felt passionate about. It’s something I inherited from my dad!

My Dad is such a handyman and to me he is the king of upcycling. You name it, my dad has upcycled it and he passed his love of upcycling to me. Dad has a garage full of tools and I loved visiting him to see what his next project would be. 

These simple upcycling ideas using baskets will wow you. I love them all. Which is your favourite? I’d love to know. 

Upcycling Projects Using Baskets

Amazing Upcycling Projects Using Baskets

Here are some fantastic ways to upcycle a basket. Whether it’s a laundry basket, a metal basket or a vinyl basket, there are some fantastic upcycling ideas in this list. Enjoy!

Laundry Hamper to Burlap Basket Upcycle

Average but Inspired

Need a basket to throw your pillows and blankets into? Take an ordinary laundry hamper and transform it into a burlap basket. 

Simple Upcycled Basket Planter With Paint

DIY Candy

Don’t know what to do with all those old thrift store baskets? Add a fresh coat of color with spray paint and you’ve got yourself a succulent basket planter. 

DIY Boucherouite Inspired Basket

Monsters Circus

If you are into artsy stuff, this boucherouite inspired basket is just what you need. Maybe your place just needs a Boho touch. 

Transform a Basket Into a Lamp

Jest Cafe

Transform an old basket into a classy lamp! This cute basket lamp would be perfect in a bedroom, on the front porch, or in the garage. 

DIY Farmhouse Style Metal Baskets

Sadie Seasongoods

Do you have an old wire bread basket? If so, you can transform it into vintage farmhouse decor with just a little ribbon. You will be amazed how it turns out. 

DIY Vinyl Storage Basket

Domestically Creative

Sometimes, all a basket needs is a little paint and a little creativity. This old basket was transformed into a modern masterpiece with just a few colors. 

More Creative Upcycling Projects 

I love the wire basket side table, I think it’s a fantastic way to make use of an old basket. Why not get out the paints and change the colour of your new basket project. You may 

DIY Wire Basket Side Table

Oleander Palm

Do you need a side table, but don’t want to go out and spend the money on one? Upscale a basket and transform it into the cutest side table ever!

Easy Upcycled Bike Basket

My So Called Crafty Life

The old baskets that go on a bicycle are just ugly to say the least. So, if you like the idea of a basket, but want something that looks a little better, upscale that basket with these tips. 

DIY Watercolor Basket Makeover

Club Crafted

Want your basket to match whatever it’s around? Give it a little makeover with some watercolors. This post shows you how to do it. 

DIY Wire Basket Lights

The Merry Thought

If you have a farmhouse, these wire basket light shades would go perfectly with the farmhouse style. They are cute and super simple to make. 

DIY Painted Woven Basket

Lovely Indeed

Brighten up your room with an upscaled woven basket. All you need is a little paint and a little creativity to make an old basket look brand new. 

Hanging Floral Basket Art

Liz Marie Blog

Baskets make great art pieces. An old wooden basket can be used as a hanging floral art piece that everyone will be raving over. 

Upcycling Ideas You Will Love! 

Here are the final set of brilliant upcycling ideas when using baskets. I love the French vintage basket, it’s pretty impressive and the DIY circle shelf is pretty cute. What do you think? 

Rustic Basket Upcycle

Confessions of a Serial DIYer

Don’t have anywhere to put your extra TP? No worries, with a little bit of white paint and some burlap string, you can transform an old basket into a TP storage you don’t mind people seeing. 

Fall Floral Tobacco Basket Wreath

Positively Splendid

Turn that old tobacco basket into a beautiful fall wreath to hang on your door. You will be amazed at how well it brightens your doorway.

DIY French Vintage Basket

The DIY Mommy

If you are going for that French country style theme in your home, check out how to transform an old whicker basket into a French vintage basket. 

DIY Basket Coffee Table

Liz Marie Blog

Sometimes, it’s all about how you look at something. For instance, an upside down basket makes a perfect coffee table. Just add a few finishing touches. 

Upcycling a Harvest Basket Into a Flower Basket

Sadie Seasongoods

Transforming a harvest basket into a flower basket is super easy to do. Plus, it looks super cute sitting on a table or chair on the front porch. 

DIY Circle Shelf

The Merry Thought

Shelves are nice to have hanging on the walls for knickknacks and such. Did you know you could make a circular shelf out of an old basket?

Hanging Baskets for Bathroom Storage

A Beautiful Mess

I am not sure why, but it seems bathrooms just don’t have anywhere to put all your stuff! To fix this problem, grab your old metal baskets and hang them up!

More creative ideas you will love! 

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Upcycling Projects Using Baskets

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