Free Early Years Count the Sheep Printable

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Free Early Years Count The Sheep Printable. Well today we have a special free printable on the blog. Why is it special? Well this printable was designed by my 8-year-old daughter Sylvia and I am so impressed.

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count the sheep

Sylvia often says she can’t sleep at night and I sometimes suggest she counts sheep. That’s what we heard as kids and it’s something we joke about. So when I asked Sylvia to come up with a number counting game she came up with the idea of counting sheep and she helped design the printable to share with our readers.

count the sheep printable

What you get: by downloading this free printable you get two pages of sheep numbered 1- 10 and a green garden scene. There are lots of different games you could use this printables for. You could even create a music board by writing popular children’s songs on the back of the sheep and sticking them onto a background board with velcro. This could be great for mat time or music time in the home or in Nursery.

I hope you enjoy our printable and it is useful to you.

Angela and Sylvia

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To download your free Sheep Counting printable just click here.



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