Wooden Jenga Christmas Ornaments

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If it isn’t the cat batting at the Christmas ornaments, it’s the kids redecorating the tree. Whether you have fur babies or real babies, the ornaments tend to get broken year after year. Instead of buying the delicate pieces you normally do, make your own Wooden Jenga Christmas Ornaments this year! 

Wooden Jenga Christmas Ornaments

These ornaments are super easy to make, durable, and are a lot cheaper than buying individual ornaments. Plus, you can do them with the kids and have fun coming up with Christmas words. 

Wooden Jenga Christmas Ornaments

Wooden Jenga Christmas Ornaments Supplies

Many of these supplies can be found at your local Dollar Tree. However, if you want to get all the supplies without leaving the house, click the links to find all your supplies on Amazon! 

Jenga Word Christmas tree Ornaments

How to Make Wooden Jenga Christmas Ornaments

If you have Jenga blocks, making these ornaments is a breeze. Follow the steps below to make your very own ornaments. 

Step 1

Paint the Jenga blocks white.

Step 2

Screw in the eyelet to the top center of each block and tie with twine to create
the hanger.

Step 3

Then, fold the ribbon in half and glue together.

Wooden Jenga Christmas OrnamentsStep 4

Glue the folded ribbon onto the edges of the painted blocks.

Wooden Jenga Christmas OrnamentsStep 5

Write your favorite Christmas words onto the blocks and decorate with tied twine bows and dots along the edges. 

Wooden Jenga Christmas Ornaments Other Ornament Ideas by Inspiration Edit

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