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There’s something about nature that helps me to feel calm. As an aunty, I love to share this passion for nature with my nieces. That’s why I love doing nature crafts with them. Here are some fantastic nature-inspired projects you will love too!

What Is Nature?

Nature is the environment around us. It can include anything from rocks, plants, trees, and animals to water, air, and soil. Natural life is an important part of life and we need it to survive.

Finding Supplies for Nature Crafts

When making nature crafts you can use many different materials. Gather leaves, flowers, feathers, sticks and whatever else you find outdoors to create a beautiful nature collage! You can add paint or glitter for extra pizzazz.

Nature Craft Ideas for Kids to Try

Here are a few Nature Crafts to try with the kids

Pinecone Fairy Nature Craft

Gather up some pinecones and paint them in bright colors. Add yarn or ribbon for hair, pipe cleaners for wings, and googly eyes to make a cute fairy.

Visit this fun Pinecone Fairy Nature Craft -at the Kids Activities Blog.

Nature Craft Bookmarks

Make Nature Craft Bookmarks with flowers, leaves, and other natural items. Use a clear laminate pouch to make the bookmarks waterproof and they will last longer!

You can make Nature Craft Bookmarks like these ones at Simple Parenting.

DIY Nature Craft Kit

Why not make your own nature craft kit? Collect items such as leaves, stones, feathers and twigs in a bag or box. Include some scissors, glue and other crafting supplies for lots of creative fun!

Check out this awesome DIY Nature Craft Kit at The Craft Train.

Butterfly Nature Craft

Making a butterfly nature craft is easy and fun. Simply cut out shapes from leaves then glue them together with pipe cleaners for antennae.

Find instructions for making a Butterfly Nature Craft at Mother Natured.

Nature crafts are great for kids as they help them to explore the natural world around them. These projects are also fun and satisfying to make, so have a go and create something special.

Flower Pressing With Kids

Kids will love the chance to make their own pressed flowers. It’s a relaxing activity that results in beautiful keepsakes they can treasure forever!

Discover how to press Flowers and do Flower Pressing at the Growing Family.

Clay Rock Faces

Make a rock face out of clay for some quirky garden decorations. This interesting craft is sure to bring smiles as the kids create their own little characters!

Check out this Clay Rock Faces tutorial at The Pinterested Parent.

Acorn Necklaces

Make a pretty acorn necklace with the kids. Paint tiny wooden acorns in bright colors and string them on a cord for an adorable nature charm!

Find instructions to make these Acorn Necklaces – Art Crafty Kids

Build Pyramids With Nature Elements

Create a pyramid out of natural elements such as leaves, twigs and stones. This fun activity is great for developing problem-solving skills and will keep the kids busy!

Learn how to Build Pyramids with Nature Elements at Non Toy Gifts

Nature Art Bugs

Make some nature art bugs with the kids. Cut shapes from leaves and glue them together to create a unique insect masterpiece!

Follow this Nature Art Bugs – The Craft Train

Nature Peace Sign Nature Craft

This is a fun craft! Collect natural items such as leaves, stones and twigs and arrange them into a peace sign. It’s sure to be a hit with the kids!

Learn how to do this Peace Sign Nature Craft with Simple Parenting

Have Fun With Nature

Nature crafts are an enjoyable way to spend quality time with the kids. Not only do they have fun creating their art works, but it’s also a great way to teach them about the environment around us. So grab your supplies and get crafting!

Happy Nature Crafting!

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