Is Pluto a Planet? Pluto Facts and Pluto Craft for Kids

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Today on The Inspiration Edit we will be answering the question “Is pluto a planet”. We will also be sharing interesting facts about pluto and a fun pluto craft project for kids.

Is Pluto a Planet?

As most of you probably know, Pluto is no longer considered a planet by the scientific community. In 2006, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) downgraded Pluto to a “dwarf planet” because it did not meet its definition of a planet.

What Is a Dwarf Planet?

So, what exactly is a dwarf planet? According to the IAU, a dwarf planet is a celestial body that orbits the sun, has enough mass to assume a nearly round shape, but has not cleared the neighborhood around its orbit.

Pluto meets these criteria, but there are other objects in our solar system that also fit this definition, such as Ceres (which resides in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter) and Eris (a planet beyond Neptune).

Why Was Pluto Downgraded?

The discovery of Eris in 2005 led to the re-evaluation of Pluto’s status. Eris is about the same size as Pluto, but it has a much more elliptical orbit. This caused some astronomers to question whether or not Pluto should be considered a planet.

In 2006, the IAU held a vote to determine the official definition of a planet. As a result of this vote, Pluto was re-classified as a “dwarf planet” and Ceres was also included in this category.

What Are the Eight Planets?

There are currently eight planets in our solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

Interesting Pluto Facts

  • Pluto was discovered in 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh.
  • Pluto is the smallest planet in our solar system.
  • Pluto is about half the size of Earth’s moon.
  • Pluto has a very thin atmosphere made up of nitrogen, methane, and carbon dioxide.
  • Pluto has five moons: Charon, Styx, Nix, Kerberos, and Hydra.
  • Charon is the largest of Pluto’s moons and is about half the size of Pluto.
  • Pluto has a very elliptical orbit and is sometimes closer to the sun than Neptune.
  • Because of its elliptical orbit, Pluto’s climate is very extreme. The temperature on Pluto can range from -375 degrees Fahrenheit to -400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Pluto takes 248 years to orbit the sun.
  • Pluto is named after the Roman god of the underworld.
  • Pluto’s symbol is a combination of the letters “P” and “L” for Pluto and its moon Charon.

Supplies Needed for This Pluto Craft

How to Make This Pluto Space Paper Craft

To make this fun Pluto craft start by printing off your Pluto template. Then trace the different pieces onto colored card.

Once traced , you can cut out the different pieces of the planet pluto.

Once all the pieces are cut out, assemble them together and glue using a non toxic glue stick.

The Pluto planet will look fantastic and is now ready to be glued onto a background.

Background for Pluto

To make the background for the Planet Pluto, flick and splatter white paint onto some black backing paper using a tooth brush or other brush.

Once dry, the Pluto planet can be pasted onto the solar system background to stand out.

Your Pluto planet is now ready to display

Get Your Pluto Template Here

Free Printable Pluto Template

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