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Do you like to do crafts with your kids? This paper hedgehog quilling craft is a perfect activity to do with your kids. Plus, they are super cute!

Paper Hedgehog quilling craft

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What You Need

Hedgehog quilling craft supplies

Hedgehog quilling craft Step by Step Directions

This Hedgehog quilling craft is a super easy craft that both adults and kids can enjoy. It may be challenging for younger kids, but is a great way to build their fine motor skills. With a little scaffolding small children can do this craft, too!

Below, you will find the step by step directions to make this hedgehog craft. 

Step One

Take 20 inches and 18 inches long quilling strips. Prepare loose coil patterns with them.

I used a dark brown 20 inch strip for the hedgehog’s body and light brown 18 inches strip for the hedgehog’s head.

Step Two

Press the light brown loose coil slightly on any side to create a pointy edge.

Step Three

Press the light brown loose coil on 2 more points at the opposite side of the first point.

Step Four

Use 2 inches light brown strips to create triangle shapes. These will be the spikes of the hedgehog. Make as many as you need.

Step Five

Use 4 inches black coloured quilling strips to create 3 tight coils. These will be the legs (2) and the nose (1) of the hedgehog.

Step Six

As the hedgehog is 2 dimensional and shows only one side we will need to prepare only 1 eye and the mouth pattern for it.

Cut out 1 round shape from white craft paper and a mouth pattern from pink craft paper; sizes of both items should be appropriate to the size of the hedgehog’s body.

Step Seven

On a dark colored craft paper glue the big loose coil (the body) and the shape (the head) prepared in step 3.

Both quilled pieces should be adjacent to each other.

Step Eight

Now carefully cut the craft paper tracing around the quilled parts.

Step Nine

Start to glue the spikes from the top side of the body part. Attach as many spikes as you want.

Hedgehog quilling craft

Step Ten

Attach as many spikes as you want.

Step 10 of Hedgehog quilling craft

Final Hedgehog Quilling Craft Step

Finally glue the eyes and the mouth pattern on the head part of the hedgehog. Also attach the legs and the nose.

Allow the glue to dry completely.

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Hedgehog quilling craft

Hedgehog quilling craft