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Healing Wounds After Abuse

Welcome back to the final section of my series on Leaving Abuse. Today I’m sharing a little about healing after abuse. This is not an easy process and does take time but it is possible and it is my hope that all those who suffer from abuse, at any stage in life, that you are able to heal with time.

Part Five

Healing Wounds After Abuse

Healing Wounds

After leaving an abusive partner, you can begin a new chapter in your life, a new path, a new journey of healing and reclaiming yourself. This is an important process which takes great effort and time and cannot be rushed. Just as a physical injury requires rest, ice, compression and exercise, so too does the soul of one who has experienced abuse. It is possible to heal, to recover and be happy once more.

healing wounds

Recovery from abuse can be mentally and physically draining. Often a good counsellor can help you to overcome the things you have faced. Other things you could do are journal writing, drawing, attending groups to understand abuse, reclaim yourself and build confidence. This can help you as you rebuild your life.

Often after leaving an abusive relationship one may be tempted to return to their partner, or may even find themselves about to jump back into the dangerous water. With the right support and in time, victims of abuse can get through.

It is possible to heal from the bites of an abusive shark, and become stronger.

Victims of abuse can overcome all that has happened and whilst you may never forget you can get yourself back. One can be bitten by abusive sharks and survive, you can use the knowledge you have gained to ensure they do not enter dangerous waters again and can protect yourself from future abuse.

I hope this series can help those who have fallen in the deep end to get out, to find a way to the shore, to begin a new journey of awareness and healing so that they never fall back into the deep with a shark.

Thanks for reading this blog series on recognising and understanding abuse. I have so much more to share and hope you will continue to read The Inspiration Edit.  


Angela x

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healing wounds after abuse