A Pug Birthday Cake From Asda

For three years in a row my daughter Sylvia has had a pug Birthday Cake from Asda which I bought for her 8th Birthday Party. We are a dog loving family, with Yoda and Casper and so when we went to look at cake options, Sylvia fell in love with the Asda Pug cakes. I told her she could choose her own cake this year. It’s nice to choose one as a surprise but I thought I’d let her pick one out this time around.


When I was a child my mum had a cake recipe book full of fantastic cake ideas to make. My mother always made our cakes. I don’t think we had the money and i’m not even sure if supermarkets sold cakes the way they do today back when I was small. Even if they did, it would probably have cost a lot more and we would not have afforded it back then.

dog cake

I have to be honest, I do think buying a cake can be cheaper than making one. I’m sure if we made the different layers and bought icing and everything needed then it may turn out the same or a little more expensive. Making your own cakes is fun but it’s something I’ve tried a few times as an adult and its not something I am passionate about.

pug cake

However, I can make a good cake and have a wonderful recipe which my mum gave me and it used to be a huge winner when I was well and went places. I am super happy with Sylvia’s cake of choice this year.

I think a dog cake shows her personality and the fact Sylvia loves dogs. I wonder what cake she will choose next year?

Do you have a birthday cake? What theme or style was yours?

Do you make your own or buy?


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