Children in Need 2019 and the Power of Play

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Children In Need 2019 – Includes Gifted products. 

For as long as I can remember I’ve always enjoyed watching Children In Need on television and seeing the donations come in to help children across the UK who are disadvantaged in some shape or form. In fact, around 8 years ago when I was a single mother in a desperate situation, Sylvia and I were helped out by the Children In Need charity with one of their children in need grants and it’s something I will never forget. 

When Is Children In Need 2019? 

Children in Need 2019 is happening right now. You can support Children in need by visiting your local Asda store and purchasing products that help raise funds for the 2019 Children In Need campaign. Asda has plenty of Children in need t-shirts and accessories for you to enjoy and purchasing these will not help raise awareness it will directly support another child in the UK. 

The Children In Need Television show will be airing on BBC Two on Friday 15 November. The Children in need television show began back in 1980 only two years before I was born. It’s been going for such a long time and to me is an exciting event each year in our UK calendar. 

Asda Supporting The Power Of Play 

This year Asda are promoting the power of play and how spending time with children can help to provide little ones and older kids with basic life skills. Sylvia and I were sent some Pudsey Bear play passcards full of ideas for spending time together and playing with the kids

Interest-based play is something we talk a lot about here on The Inspiration Edit. By using your child’s interests to have fun you can promote learning and developmental skills in a fun and exciting way. It’s great to see Asda promoting the same learning philosophy. 

Our Children in Need Song

Sylvia picked out the card which was to create your own Children in Need Song. As I taught my daughter a new cooking skill, Sylvia created her own Children in need song and used utensils and cups to as musical instruments. We had a lot of fun and it was great to spend time together and simply have fun as we learned new skills. 

Sylvia and I had plenty of fun this weekend and we are looking forward to seeing how much money can be raised this year. It really is a great time to give and this is such a good cause. 

Children in Need Activities

If you’re wanting to do some Children in Need activities or are looking for children in need ideas then look no further. You could visit Asda with the kids and purchase some Pudsey Bear Ears, a t-shirt or one of their super cute Onesies and when you get home to do some fun activities in your Children In Need outfits. 

Whether it’s making up your own children in need song, playing games, talking, chatting or simply watching the BBC Children In Need show together on television, you can enjoy the spirit of Children in Need in 2019 and help your own kids to support those who are less fortunate. 

We were gifted our Pudsey Bear themed items.

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  1. What a great charity and activities! I am not familiar with this one as I am not based in the UK. However, sadly there is a need for these types of charities all over the world! Thank you for sharing this information!

  2. It’s so nice to see you and your daughter participate in this charity event. I believe that everyone is innately good and generous. May we never lose that til we’re old and gray.

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