101 Dalmations Pyjamas My Sunday Style

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101 Dalmations Pyjamas My Sunday Style

kids disney pyjamas
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Hi, It’s been a few weeks since I did a My Sunday Style Post. Today we are featuring 101 Dalmations Pyjamas which are a huge hit for my puppy loving daughter Sylvia.

These are a great pair of winter PJ’s with warm sleeves and are keeping Sylvia warm with the cold weather which is still here.

Best of all, they are once again fantastic hand me downs which is a huge money saver for us!

kids disney pyjamas

Speaking of hand me downs and second-hand clothes, I am about to try and sell Sylvia’s clothes from size 3-8.

I’ve saved everything which is in good condition but have simply been too unwell to sell them.

I’m thinking of popping them on Facebook when I’m having a better day and see if I can make a little bit of money.

We have some really good quality items from great stores. If we were loaded and well off I’d just give them away but as I’m trying my best to save for things we need, selling old belongings is a good way of getting the money for the things we need. Do you sell your old clothes?

kids disney pyjamas

Sylvia did a fantastic job modelling these lovely clothes. With plenty more to come. I hope you enjoyed this instalment of My Sunday Photo.

Angela x

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  1. Ah they are lovely! And very well modelled too 🙂
    I quite often try and sell things on Facebook, with mixed success! Gumtree is good too, I’ve had more luck with that and it’s free for the basic ads. I give all of my girls’ old clothes to their little cousin but saved some that have sentimental value, hopefully to give them when they have kids themselves! xx #lovelythings

  2. My daughter would love these PJ’s they look really cute! I have bags of old clothes I need to sort through again and sell. We have a charity shop that buys clothes from you at 50p per…I want to say Kilo…but I’m not sure…anyway it’s never a big money maker but they take pretty much anything and it saves posting stuff out. The nicer things I try and put on Ebay though! #lovelythings

    1. Thats a great idea. I saw a shop near our house where you can trade in clothes for money…you do need a lot though so i think its best for my heavy items rather than sylvias good quality things…but i am popping them on facebook to see if anyone will buy them!

  3. That pyjamas looks lovely, she’s adorable too! Most of my kids old clothes are either given to charity or sold to cash for clothes and when I send a box back home to Philippines, I’ll include some of old clothes too for my wee nephews and nieces. Lovely post! #lovelythings

    1. Oh that is totally what I do, try and send little things back to family who are in more need. I bet your family in the phillipines appreciate it!
      Angela x

  4. Sylvia is such a fabulous model! And those pjs are very cute. In terms of old clothes I’m still holding onto them at the moment – our loft is quite fall. But when I get around to it I think I will pass down to friends and family. Thanks for linking up to #lovelythings

    1. Oh your welcome Laura. I think its always god to save things we may need to reuse and give away when we can. 🙂 I have a few baby items to give someone and her more expensive older clothes I will sell

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