A Swinging Good Time on the Swing the Portrait Project

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A Swinging Good Time on the Swing the Portrait Project

This week I am sharing a new Portrait photo of Sylvia on the Swing. It’s my daughter in our garden on the swing. Getting a swing is one of the best investments. Sylvia loves it and now the weather is improving it is getting much more use. I’ so glad we were able to save up for this and it’s super nice to have it in the garden. It’s a peaceful garden with plenty of space and I love it!

Angela x

child on a swing

Sylvia wanted a swing for her 8th birthday and it came true. She got a swing and life has been fab. She loves to go on the swing every day, especially now that it is summer and she loves to have fun on her swing. I love this shot. It is so cute and I love her hair in the photo too.

What toy or garden item did you really want as a child? I love swings and am happy to see my child enjoying her swing! I loved my pogo stick. I loved to rollerskate and ride on my BMX bike. It was super fun and I think it can be super fun having nice items in the garden such as a swing or slide or even a wendy house.

It’s awesome!



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  1. It’s a beautiful portrait. And it makes me miss having a swing when I was growing up. I wish I had been able to have something like that for my daughter. Unfortunately we weren’t able to have one where we were at.

    1. Oh that’s sad. I think it depends on the garden you have. We are lucky to have a nice size garden now, whereas when Sylvia was little it was a tiny yard.

    1. Thanks. We got a swing last year when Sylvia was 7. I think so long as you get one for the right age, you can get one at any time.

  2. I love how you take pictures. It’s really beautiful and so is your daughter. Good to know that she has a chance to enjoy the swing because of the beautiful weather!

  3. I like this photo, love taking pictures of my kids on the swing as well! Enjoy those happy moments, that’s what their childhood is all about!

  4. Your daughter is beautiful. I kept wait till my son is only enough to get a swing and us have a hard to put it in.

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