Halloween Bat Drawing

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When it comes to Halloween, you can’t decorate without bats. This Halloween Bat Drawing is the perfect craft to do with kids. Decorate for Halloween by framing and hanging it.

Halloween Bat Drawing

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You don’t need much in the way of supplies for this project. If you don’t have these things lying around the house, you can get them in 2-days from Amazon! Click the links below to find the supplies you need.

Halloween Bat Drawing Instructions:

Halloween Bat Drawing

With the printable template, this Halloween bat drawing is super easy! Follow the steps below to make a great Halloween decoration.
Download and print out the bats over the moon template.

Draw lines in each of the separate lined areas.

Halloween Bat Drawing

Pay close attention to keep the lines within the right areas.

Change your pattern to really mix things up!

Keep doing this until you are finished.

Color in the moon with crayons, colored pencils, or markers. You can make it yellow or blood orange depending on the type of moon you would like.

Once you have colored in the moon, you can color in the other parts of the drawing, blue to represent the sky.

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This craft looks super cute hanging on a door or on the wall. Putting it in a picture frame just adds to your Halloween decor.

Would your kids like this activity? Let us know in the comments below!

Download Your Bat Template Here!

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  1. Hello. I am looking forward to doing this project with my students for math: all those shapes and parallel lines are incredible. Unfortunately, the downloadable link is a document with two pages of bats, no moon or shapes. I would love to have the template for the bats over the moon.

    Thank you for the great idea!

  2. Hi! I am trying to do this project with my students today, but when I download I think it’s the wrong pdf. I only have bats.

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