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Today we have a fantastic DIY Unicorn bookmark craft idea which is easy to make with kids. This is a fantastic way to mix art and literacy and encourage kids to read. 

Making a paper bookmark is a easy craft idea for kids and these Unicorn bookmarks are super cute. I hope you enjoy the tutorial. Don’t forget to download the free unicorn template at the end of this post. 

Easy DIY Unicorn Bookmark Craft For Kids

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diy unicorn bookmark

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Supplies Needed For Your DIY Unicorn Bookmark Craft

How To Make A Unicorn Bookmark

I’ll now share the tutorial so you can make this fun origami unicorn corner bookmark

Step One: DIY Unicorn Bookmark 

Print and cut out the patterns from the template. Trace and cut out the big square shape on the paper selected for the bookmark.

STEp one diy unicorn bookmark

Step Two: DIY Unicorn Bookmark 

Place the square paper on a flat surface. Fold the paper into half diagonally.

Step one diy unicorn bookmark

Step Three: DIY Unicorn Bookmark 

Hold any one corners of the open ends and fold it downwards, matching the end of the corner with the border line of the straight side.

Notice that there are now 3 triangles along the bottom side of the folded paper.

diy unicorn bookmark

Step Four: DIY Unicorn Bookmark 

Grab any one triangles from the side and fold it upwards, matching its open end corner with the corner on the top side (of the folded paper).

Step 4 DIY Unicorn Bookmark Craft for Kids

Step Five: DIY Unicorn Bookmark 

Similarly fold the triangle on the other side.

diy unicorn bookmark

Step Six: DIY Unicorn Bookmark 

Hold any one of the triangular parts and fold it into half. Tuck the open side of the half fold into the triangular pocket.

step (6) diy unicorn corner bookmark

Step Seven: DIY Unicorn Bookmark 

Similarly fold and tuck the other side.

step (7) unicorn corner bookmark

Step Eight: DIY Unicorn Bookmark 

Select coloured craft papers for the decoration. Trace and cut out patterns from coloured craft papers.

step (7) unicorn corner bookmark

Step Nine: DIY Unicorn Bookmark 

Make the flowers by gluing together the flower cut outs.

step (9) diy unicorn craft

Step Ten: DIY Unicorn Bookmark 

Also prepare the ear parts and the horn from thick craft papers or card stock papers.

step (9) diy unicorn craft

Step Eleven: DIY Unicorn Bookmark 

Glue the inner ear parts on the outer ear parts.

step (9) diy unicorn craft

Step Twelve: DIY Unicorn Bookmark 

All items ready? Grab them all and let’s craft a unicorn!

step (12) unicorn bookmark

Step Thirteen: DIY Unicorn Bookmark 

Attach the ears and the horn along the closed end’s back side of the folded paper.

origami unicorn bookmark

Step Fourteen: DIY Unicorn Bookmark 

Attach the flowers and leaves right below the ears and the horn.

Use a black marker pen to trace the eyes of the unicorn.

origami unicorn bookmark

Your Origami Unicorn Bookmark is completed. Enjoy!

diy unicorn bookmark

Please download Your Free Unicorn Bookmark Printable


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