Easy Christmas Candy Crafts

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If you love making crafts and want to hand out something homemade this holiday season, then try one of these Easy Christmas Candy Crafts. Making Christmas crafts with candy has always been one of my favorite Christmas activities. Everyone loves to unwrap a piece of candy and these Christmas candy craft ideas are the perfect way to pass out a little something special during your holiday parties.

Make Christmas Candy Crafts

Christmas Candy crafts are a cheap and fun way to get into the holiday spirit. These crafts are easy to make, and you can use different types of candy for your candy craft projects.

If you love making seasonal craft projects, then put some of your favorite candy aside and try one of these easy Christmas candy crafts this year! Whether you’re looking for fun decor ideas or something special to give as gifts, these candy crafts are sure to impress.

Chocolate Christmas Tree Candy Gift

Why not make some chocolate Santa hats and or chocolate Christmas tree candies? All you need to get started is some Bugles, chocolate candy melts, candy stars and candy sprinkles.

Make Personalized Gift Tags for Your Christmas Candy Crafts

This simple and festive candy craft idea is perfect as a gift for both kids and adults alike. Place the Chocolate Christmas trees in a large mason jar or clear glass bowl and add a big red bow.

You can even make some personalized gift tags to tie on the jar or bowl, making it the perfect Christmas candy gift for family or friends! Print off some Christmas greeting tags and make these candy trees into a great gift.

Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombs

Grab the chocolate and marshmallows, and get ready for some hot cocoa fun! These Christmas hot chocolate bombs are the perfect way to warm up on a cold winter day.

Simply fill small candy molds with melted chocolate, add marshmallows, and use candy to make cute Christmas Elves.

How to Package Hot Chocolate Bombs

Wrap your Christmas chocolate bombs in colorful wrappers, or use clear cellophane paper and ribbon to create a festive gift wrap.

You can even add a personalised tag using free fonts from a crafting website such as Creative Fabrica or find a holiday greeting SVG to take these Chocolate Bomb gifts to another level. 

Rudolf Christmas Pretzels

If you want something truly unique, then make some Rudolph Christmas pretzels! Simply dip mini pretzel rods in melted candy melts, add a red nose and two tiny eyes made from candies to create these cute little Santa’s helpers.

Make Christmas Name Tags

To make these Rudolf Pretzels into individual Christmas candy crafts wrap the Rudolf treats individually in clear cellophane.

Use a cute Alphabet Christmas font to print out names for each Rudolph Christmas Pretzels gift. Add a small red ribbon to the top of each candy treat.

Make Easy Christmas Candy Crafts Today!

With these easy and fun candy craft ideas, you’ll be able to make any type of holiday-themed candy treats you can dream up this season! Whether you’re looking for holiday decorations or cute gifts to hand out at your next Christmas party, these easy candy crafts are sure to be a hit. Be sure to personalize them and give them as gifts to friends and family this holiday season!

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