Rudolph Chocolate Pretzels Treats

Today on The Inspiration Edit, we have some fun and tasty treats to share, Rudolf Chocolate Pretzels. This is an easy and fun recipe which is great for a kids Christmas party or as a treat to make in the home. Rudolf is a fun character and making these tasty treats could be a fun and easy activity for Christmas fun this December.


Rudolph Chocolate

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Mini Pretzel Sticks

Twisted Pretzel Sticks

Wilton Chocolate Melts

Cherry Sour Ball Candy

Wilton Candy Edible Eyes


Rudolph Chocolate


Melt the chocolate in a bowl per package directions.

Dip 2 of the twisted pretzels about three fourths of the way up and lay them on a parchment lined sheet in a “V” shape so the chocolate ends touch. Repeat using 10 more of the pretzel twists.

Rudolph Chocolate

Set a cherry ball on top of the point of each “V”.

Dip 6 of the mini pretzel sticks until fully covered and lay one across each “V” on the line where the plain end of the pretzel meets the chocolate part.

Rudolph Chocolate


Place 2 edible eyes on each pretzel stick.

Rudolph Chocolate


Let these set and harden for about 20 minutes.

Rudolph Chocolate

Fun holiday treat!


Rudolph Chocolate


Rudolph Chocolate




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