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Does Your Child have Knotty Hair? 

One of the biggest difficulties we have in our home each day is dealing with knotty hair. It’s not an easy thing. In fact my daughter is what you would call head sensitive. You simply touch her scalp and it hurts.  So you can imagine how hard it is when I try to brush my daughter’s hair how difficult things can get. Despite the struggle we have found some ways to make the task easier and I thought I’d share my top five tips here on the blog today.

So here are my Top 5 Tops for dealing with Knotty Hair.

One: Invest in a Tangle Teaser

I hadn’t heard of a tangle teaser until my daughter’s hair grew. I guess i hadn’t needed one up until this point. Seriously detangle brushes are miracle workers and they help to get rid of knots is the gentlest way possible. It’s great to use the detangle brush after washing the hair and I make sure I  have towel dried my daughter’s hair before I brush as this makes the task easier.

Two: Apply Shampoo to the Scalp rather than the hair

Putting shampoo into the hair can often make tangles and knots much worse. I once read by placing the shampoo into the scalp rather than on the strands of hair, you can avoid making your child’s hair more knotty. It is still washed out the same way and the shampoo will still go through the hair and remove unwanted dirt and bits from the hair.

Three: Use your fingers to help get out tricky knots

If there is a knot which would really hurt my daughter, I use my fingers to detangle the strands. This makes it far less painful for my daughter although it can take a little longer. I would certainly recommend using the fingers to detangle a major knot.

Four: Trim the ends of your child’s hair regular

My daughter has curls and usually the most knotty part of the hair is the ends. The hair ends often become split and split ends cause more knotting. By trimming my daughters hair regular it helps prevent major knotting and painful brushing.

Five: Tie hair up before sleeping

To prevent the hair from going really knotty it is a great idea to tie the hair up. I tie my daughters hair up every night and it helps prevent major knots int he morning. It can be a good idea to tie the hair in plats as well as this helps keep the hair neat and tidy.

These are my top tips for looking after my child’s hair and making life much easier, especially when she is prone to knotty hair all the time.

Do you have any other tips? What do you do to manage your child’s hair?

Angela X