Yoda And Casper The November Edition

Well what can I say, October was a bit of a crazy month for our Bichon Frise Dogs Yoda and Casper. I think October is always a crazy month anyway with halloween and the start of Fireworks and colder weather. Our Dogs have had a fantastic month though and today I’ll be sharing some of the things they have been getting up to.


So, Sylvia and I visited the pound shop to find some dog costumes. Yoda is not as keen on wearing clothes but Casper loves it. Casper finds comfort in being covered with a outfit or warm jumper and so for most of the month Casper has been wearing this really cute stripe outfit with a purple cape and orange bow tie. He has looked adorable.


I wrote a blog post for LintBells. It’s all about helping a stressed and anxious dog especially at this time of the year.  Yoda and Casper were sent some treats and gifts in a care package. I learnt quite a lot about ways to calm a dog during fireworks and we gave our Dogs some YuCALM a natural remedy which worked wonders on Bonfire Night.

naughty dog

I was sent some Ecuadorian Chocolate to review. Unfortunately, when we came home, the mail had been posted and this is what we found! An empty packet of buttons. Disappointing for the PR company who did not get a review because the dogs ate the homework. I did let the company know but they were not really bothered and so that was the end of that review. I was concerned that the chocolate had not made our Bichon’s ill as Chocolate can make a dog very sick. Luckily Casper and Yoda were okay.

Shopkins Chef Club

We had a Shopkins Chef Club Party last week and Yoda modelled the Shopkins Chef hat. I think he looked pretty groovy. What do you think?

Last but not least Yoda has been to the Vet. He has a problem with his elbow. He has been struggling with walking and is to afraid to jump down from any surface which indicates inflammation. The Vet saw him and he was put on some pain medication the poor sausage.

Yoda has been exercising 10 minutes a day and there appears to be a problem still so we are going back to the Vets to do further investigations. I hope all is okay.

That is our month is a nutshell for the dogs. I hope you enjoy the post.

Angela x

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visiting the vet

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  1. Naughty boys lol im missing them this week and missing our little chats hope all is ok and will hopefully see you next week xx

  2. I was a little concerned about the effects of the chocolate on the dogs but I’m glad they were OK. My parents-in-law once came downstairs one morning to find a whole pack of sausages and a tub of Utterly Butterly eaten by the dog!

  3. I hope Yoda is better soon – Saari has pulled a tendon or ligament and is off walking completely for a while. Luckily she is lazy so she not going completely bonkers but she does love her walks and looks at me rather pitifully when I go out without her. Lovely to see Yoda and Caspar on #AnimalTales again 🙂

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