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Chow Crown Children’s Game From Hasbro

Chow Crown game from Hasbro

Chow Crown Children’s Game From Hasbro

Today we are sharing the new Chow Crown game from Hasbro which Sylvia was sent to review. Chow Crown is a fun and silly game for kids, adults and the whole family and can be a bit of fun or a great boredom buster on a rainy day.

What Is Chow Crown?

The Chow Crown game is a crown is appropriate for kids over 8 years of age and is a spinning crown which you wear on your head whilst trying to munch on food stuck to the chow crown forks.

Building The Chow Crown

It takes about 5 minutes to construct and build the chow crown for the first time. The crown has six attachments with plastic forks that you can add food to as part of the Chow Crown game. The Chow Crown requires 3 AA batteries which spins the forks once you press the green button on the top of the crown.

Before you play this game you will need:

  • 3 AA Batteries
  • Fruit or marshmallows or other food items to stick onto the Forks.
  • Dettol or other disinfectant wipes.

Playing Chow Crown From Hasbro

Playing the Chow Crown game can be super fun. Once you have attached the crown to your head, you press the green button and the crown begins to spin. The music begins and the player has to try to eat the spinning food before the music stops.

Sylvia had fun trying this out and it gave her lots of laughs and giggles. In fact we decided to get adventurous and play Chow Crown with our Bichon Dogs Yoda and Casper.

Chow Crown With Dogs

We couldn’t place the crown on our dogs head as we have small Bichon’s and the crown is quite heavy, however Sylvia decided to let Yoda and Casper try to snatch the food as the forks spun and our Dog’s actually loved it.

Casper in particular is a very smart dog and he loves challenges. We often hide food for him to find and so getting the food from the Forks was a challenge which he enjoyed. He particularly enjoyed eating the apple and strawberries.

I think this is a fun game for kids and the family. It’s sure to bring some laughs and fun to the home. I do however recommend using Dettol wipes or other disinfectant wipes to clean the forks once a player has had a turn to keep the game clean..

We enjoyed testing out Chow Crown by Hasbro. It is available in toy stores for around £19.99 and would make a fantastic Christmas gift or fun game for the kids.

*We were sent this game for the purpose of review.


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