Growing My Brio Collection With Brio Delux World Set

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Today I am sharing our brand new Brio Delux World Set here on The Inspiration Edit. I love Brio, it’s a brand I have known all my life. In fact I loved visiting the early learning centre with my mother as a child. Mum would look through the store and I would always visit the train track and play with the train set at the front of the shop window.

Growing My Brio Collection With Brio Delux World Set

When I was little my mum bought our first train track set from Brio and grew the collection over the years. We always had this in our home and it’s still in mum’s house 30 years later. In fact, when we moved to New Zealand in 1996, we took the Brio set with us.

It’s still going strong and upon my return to the UK eight years ago, I took my own daughter to the very store I’d visited so many times as a child and sure enough the Brio train track was still in the shop window available to play with.

Although Sylvia is now a little older, I decided to start building my own Brio collection. We started off with the basic Brio My First train set, and we were recently fortunate to review a Brio Train train station which is really awesome.

Brio Delux World Set

So last week we were sent the Brio Delux World Set which has both train tracks and over 121 pieces to keep the kids entertained. I was so excited when the train set arrived in the mail, as was Sylvia and her friends. The set retails for £229.95 but it’s a great investment and something that I know lasts well beyond 30 years when cared for well.

The Brio Delux world set is pretty awesome. It comes in a box which can be unzipped and becomes a play mat with fields and a small harbour area. The train tracks include lots of different pieces from curved track to long tracks, bridge pieces and road. There are plenty of track pieces to choose from to enable you to build different tracks and scenes and it’s really quite fun.

What Trains Do You Get With the Brio Delux World Set?

Well you get a whole lot of vehicles and trains with the brio Delux world set. It’s pretty awesome. There is a modern white high speed train with three carriages. Then there is a traditional steam train with carriages for pulling cargo. You get a green and white train as well as a car a bus. a tractor and an amazing cargo ship. There is also a truck and plenty of little pieces to place on top of the vehicles which makes the set really fun.

Brio Train Track Bridge and Tunnel

One thing I love about this Brio train set is that you get an awesome tunnel and a bridge which I think makes the train set extra fun and exciting. There is also a train station, a Magnet station for lifting cargo and a bus stop. I love that there are barriers and traffic lights and signs. It’s a great set to get the imagination going.

The train track has a fantastic Brio house with lots of furniture and little people. As a child I used Brio train tracks with my speech therapist. I had difficulties saying certain words and we would often talk as I played and it ultimately made such a different to my speech that I no longer needed therapy.

We have a few children on our street who are in speech therapy and this week they have been to visit to play with the train track. This Brio Delux World Set has been a great tool and resource to help the kids practice their speech and develop their social skills.

The train set has really helped and has had so much educational value in just one week. It’s fantastic and I am so glad I have something I can share with with the children. It’s really a great help and a great way for me to contribute and help children by using the Brio products along with my knowledge as a teacher and language specialist.

I’m looking forward to growing our collection and using it with my daughter and with kids who have real needs as I know it can help them.


We were gifted this item for the purpose of review

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  1. I don’t mind investing in toys that can be passed down for generations, and this Brio set looks like it’s one that will hold up for years of play. It’s nice to hear that you are making similar childhood memories for your daughter with Brio.

  2. My daughter in law had a set as a kid for her and her sister. Her dad still has it and took it out for my son to play with, which was such a huge treat for us all. It truly is a timeless toy.

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