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The Nativity Christmas Special Sylvias Style – Nativity Photos

Our Nativity Photos

My daughter has done a whole lot of growing this year. She is so tall and seems more like a teen than the little girl she once was. Last year we took some lovely nativity photos of Sylvia and Mummy dressing up and having fun in Nativity clothing.

We attended the Festival of Nativities in Chorley Lancashire and had fun trying on different costumes. I thought it would be fun to share this post today in our Sylvia’s Style section.

I hope you like our photos. Did you dress up for the nativity as a child? I did. I was an angel. What were you?

I seriously need to find my nativity photos so I can share them on the blog in future. Maybe by the time I find them, another Christmas will have been and gone but it’s great to share old pictures and I really want to do this. What will you be doing this Christmas with your kids and family? I’d love to hear!

Nativity lamb
Christmas Nativity

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  1. How adorable. She made the best little lamb ever! I always love seeing kids participating in events like this. They’re the best part!

  2. We have never dressed up for the Nativity. However, one year our church held a live Nativity and we got to pet a camel.

  3. What a fun event to do with your daughter. You shared some great photos, would be great to make a photo book or ornament to remember it.

  4. I haven’t had a chance to dress up for the nativity when I was a child. But I do love watching it every year! So fun and you will really feel the spirit of Christmas! Love your cotumes! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. I love those photos. The costumes looks so cute and beautiful. My daughter will love to wear the angel costume.

  6. this is so lovely! what beautiful memories you are making and what a lovely tradition to share with your children. Your pictures are just beautiful!

  7. It’s always fun to dress up and wear costumes especially during this season! I think your daughter is adorable and she’s really having a great time with those costumes!

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