Tie Dye Valentines Card

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This Tie Dye Valentines Heart Card is a fun activity for kids and one that doesn’t require many materials. 

If you’re wanting to make some super cute Valentines cards with the kids this year then here is the activity for you. Seriously, it’s super fun, easy and involves mixing colours which is a great way to introduce basic science into creative play and art. 

Valentines cards are fun to make at any age and this is a great idea for children of all ages. You’ll love this creative craft idea and the step by step valentines tutorial will make it easy for you to follow. Don’t forget to download the free valentines love heart template if you require it.


Supplies for This Valentines Card Activity Card

How to Make This Tie Die Valentines Card

Begin by printing off your free printable. There are three love heart templates and the wording to place inside your Valentines Day card. 

Choose a piece of card stock and fold in half to create your Valentines card. 

Next get three bun cases and add lots of colour to them using felt tips. 

Once the colour is completed add some drops of water and watch the colour mix to create a tie dye effect. 

Set aside to dry. 

tie die bun cases for valentines day card

Once the bun cases are dry the next step is to cut out your love heart templates.

Use the love heart valentines templates to draw different size hearts on your tie dye bun cases. 

Cut out the hearts and glue to your card. 

valentines day cards made with tie dye

Now glue the printable Valentines message onto the inside of your Valentines day card.

Alternatively you can have the kids write their own message and let them practice their letter writing skills! 

Your tie dye Valentines Day cards are now ready to enjoy!

Download your printable heart template here!


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