The Lion King Simba Mickey Ears Craft

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The Lion King Simba Mickey Ears Craft

We all love the movie The Lion King right? Well I certainly do and I really love Simba the main character, his cheeky looks and cheeky grin. He is a real character and today we are making a Simba themed ornament that the kids will love. 

I really hope you enjoy this fun Disney themed craft. We do have lots here on the Craft Play Learn. You may even enjoy these fantastic The Lion King painted rocks here on the blog. I’m sure you will love them! 

Supplies Needed for This Lion King Craft

How to Make This Super Cute Simba Craft

Download and print out the Simba Mickey head ornament template.

Pay close attention to the colors the PDF instructs you to print each page on.

Start assembling Simba by gluing the muzzle, nose and eyes onto the face.

Use crayons or markers to color in the eyes and area under the eyes.

Glue the inner ear pieces onto the ears and then glue the ears behind the face. Look at the photos to help guide you.

Glue the puff of hair behind the face, between each ear. Carefully add white glue to the areas you’d like to glitter.

Add glitter and shake off excess. If glitter is not your thing, you can absolutely leave this part out of the process.

Cut a small bit of ribbon, thread or twine and loop it. Glue this behind Simba.

If you’d like to cover the glued ribbon, simply add a circle the same color as Simba to the back.

Your Simba Mickey Ears ornament is done and ready for your christmas tree!

Download Your Simba Lion King Template Here!

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