Today on The Inspiration Edit I am sharing this fantastic Star Wars Bauble craft idea which is both fun and easy to make.

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After Christmas the baubles at the Supermarket were marked down to 50 pence and so I bought a few boxes so I could try painting them in a few different styles. This is a fun craft that you could do with kids in the classroom or at home and there are so many fantastic ways to decorate a bauble. It’s a great activity to try out.

As my family loves Star Wars and have recently watched Star Wars The Last Jedi. I thought it would be fun to try painting some Star Wars characters on the baubles. It’s something I’ve never tried before.

I decided to try and paint the following Star Wars Characters, Darth Vader, BB8, R2D2, Princess Leia, Yoda, C3P0 and Wookie.

I painted the Baubles using Posca paint pens and chalkola pens and then painted the baubles in three stages.

The first stage I painted the main colours of the Star Wars characters.

I then added the details to the baubles and finally outlined the characters using a black posca pen.

I love that this project was simple and budget friendly. Although I outlined most characters with black, I used a white posca pen for Darth Vader.

This Star Wars Bauble project went really well. I was pleased with the end result and look forward to painting more baubles in the future.

Which Star Wars bauble character do you like best?  I think I like BB8.

I’d love to hear your suggestions for what to paint next. Angela x

star wars bauble

darth vader

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