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Angel Themed DIY Advent Calendar

advent calendar

I am super excited to be sharing with you my angel themed DIY Advent Calendar which I made with my daughter Sylvia. We were sent the supplies from Hobby Craft which enabled us to get creative painting and designing our new Christmas Advent.

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What You Need

The supplies we used were one Wooden Advent Calendar, White and Silver acrylic paint, Paint Brushes, Posca Paint pens, wooden numbers and a glue gun.

Let’s Make It

We began by taking out the doors from the Advent Calendar as these were the first thing to paint. It is a great idea to number the bottom of the doors so you can slide them back into the correct slots when the task is complete.

My daughter painted the doors in acrylic Silver. The paint is pretty fast to dry and she had to paint two coats to get the doors looking good.

We set the doors aside to dry and then worked together on the Advent Calendar Frame. We opted to paint this white as we thought it would go well with the Angel theme we wanted.

Painting the Calendar was pretty easy. We had fun doing this task and again had to give the Calendar two coats.

The Acrylic paint was really good quality and easy to use and we used two thirds of the tube to paint the Calendar twice.

Sylvia really enjoyed the painting and we discussed what we would place inside our calendar as we painted. I thought it would be great to put chocolate inside but Sylvia would prefer little toys such as Shopkins. I guess that is the healthier option.

Once the paint had dried we were able to place the boxes back into the correct slots of the Advent Calendar.

Next I used the Posca paint pens to paint little Angels onto some of the advent boxes. Posca Pens are my favourite painting tool and I had fun creating different designs.

I painted the angels while I watched X factor. It was really fun. I love painting with posca pens and find it really enjoyable. The Angels turned out quite nice.

Once the Advent Calendar was ready, Sylvia then helped me to glue the numbers onto our Advent Calendar using a glue gun we had purchased from Hobby craft a few weeks ago.

The Advent Calendar looks really great to me. I am really pleased with the end result and although it’s not perfect, I think the unique and imperfect design makes it pretty cool.

I was going to put a Star at the top or an angel but in the end I decided to go with a coloured tinsel. We placed a red tinsel on our Advent Calendar but did not glue it so we can change the colour next year.

The calendar turned out fabulous and I really enjoyed this collaboration. It was fun and the supplies from Hobby Craft were fantastic. We will be putting little toys into the Advent and Sylvia is really looking forward to using this next week.

Angela x

*We were sent the supplies from Hobby Craft for the purpose of this blog post. To read how we made the milk bottle Christmas decorations click here.Β 





  1. Aww this is lovely. Such a great advent calendar idea. Very creative. I made my Daughter a make up advent last year and she loved it. Trouble is she is expecting a home made one this year. Love this idea πŸ™‚

  2. Angela, stop it, this is brilliant! I never knew you could get the advent boxes and then decorate yourself. At this rate, we’re going to be over run with advent calendars! πŸ˜‚

    Kat x

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