The Snail And The Whale Kids Activity

Today I am sharing a book which I really love created by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. This children’s story is called the Snail and the Whale and I have a fun and fantastic activity to share which can help bring the story alive and extend your child’s interest in reading further to promote language development and art skills.

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What You Need


Children’s book The Snail and the Whale

Rock stone or pebble


Chalkola pens

Posca paint pens.

Let’s Make It

Begin by drawing a snail onto the rock stone with the pencil. This is a fun arts and crafts part of the activity.

Then you can use posca paint pens or chalk pens to paint the snail. I used both for this task. I painted the snail beige and brown and mixed the colours so the shell would stand out.

Next I used metalic posca paint to add shadow and lines to the snail and his shells.

I then used gold paint to create the shell dot effect on the snail.

Once the gold dots were added, I outlined the snail using a black posca paint pen.

Once the snail rock stone was completed I was ready to use the stone as an educational activity to help extend a child’s interest in the story The Snail and the Whale.

The story is super fun and about the adventures of a snail who travels with a whale. As you read the story with your child, the snail rock stone can travel along the page making the story more interactive and fun.

I hope you like the idea! Enjoy.



the snail and the whale kids activity


  1. How lovely. I like all of your rock drawings- they look brilliant. I’m not sure I could draw them that well!

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