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Teacher Appreciation Chocolate Covered Apple Pretzels

It’s not long until the end of the school year and today we have a fun food tutorial on The Inspiration Edit. Today we are sharing how to make chocolate covered apple pretzels. 

chocolate apple pretzels

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This is a quick and easy project which could make a great gift for any school teacher or a treat to share with your child’s school friends.

apple pretzels

Chocolate Covered Apple Pretzels Ingredients

chocolate apple pretzels

How to make easy pretzels

Melt each of the chocolate colours separately in bowls in the microwave.

Heat 30 seconds at a time, stirring each time until melted.

chocolate apple pretzels
Dip some pretzels into the red chocolate and completely coat, then dip some pretzels into the white chocolate and only coat about half of the pretzel.

Lay on parchment paper to dry.

chocolate apple pretzels
Dip the half red covered pretzels into the white chocolate to coat the other half, and put 3 little dark coloured sprinkles or chocolate chips to resemble apple seeds.

chocolate apple pretzels
Next, cut little rectangular pieces of Hershey’s chocolate for the stem, and put a dot of melted chocolate on the end of a stick on the top of the apple.

chocolate apple pretzels
For the apple leaves, flatten a tootsie roll and cut tiny leaf shapes out.

Put a dot of melted chocolate on it and place under the stem.

chocolate apple pretzels

Let them set and dry, and then give to your favourite teacher!

     chocolate apple pretzels

Finally, enjoy or take to school as a wonderful leaving gift!

 chocolate apple pretzels

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Chocolate covered apple