Today on The Inspiration Edit, I am sharing a awesome and easy Christmas craft for kids. It’s simply and easy to make this Rudolf tealight ornament which I am sure you will love. Enjoy.

Angela x


Small battery operated tealight

Brown and red paint




Hot glue gun

Wiggly eyes

Sparkly gold pipe cleaners


Begin by painting the flame of your battery operated tealight with red paint. We used chalk paint because it is fast drying.

wine cork mouse craft

Once the flame of the tealight has dried, use brown paint to cover the rest of the front and sides of the tealight. You will not need to paint the back of the tealight.

When the paint has dried completely, glue two wiggly eyes to the front of your painted tealight above the flame.

Cut a gold sparkly pipe cleaner in half and form each half into a zigzag type of reindeer antler shape. You can see the photos for reference.

Hot glue the two pipe cleaner antlers to the back of the tea light, one behind each eye of the reindeer.

Cut a small piece of holiday ribbon and tie it into a small bow.

Glue the small bow to the bottom front of the tea light reindeer.

Cut another small loop of ribbon and hot glue it to the top of the back of the tea light in the middle. This will be the hanger for your ornament


Now you have your tea light rudolf. Enjoy



RUDOLF tealight



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