What Is a Dutch Oven and How It Got Its Name: Everything You Need to Know

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The Dutch oven originated in the Netherlands during the 17th century. At this stage, it was referred to as a ‘braadpan’, which translates as a roasting or frying pan.

The original pan was made of cast brass. By using sand to create moulds the Dutch were able to create smooth surfaces and an incredibly high-quality pot. In contrast, most other places at this time were still relying on loam and clay to make pots.

The braadpan was designed to allow even cooking and could be used in a variety of ways. When news of this reached England a man called Abraham Darby visited the Netherlands to observe and understand the making process. 

Early in the 18th century, Darby patented his first version of the braadpan. It was cheaper to make as he used cast iron and he named it the Dutch Oven, an obvious choice considering where the idea had come from. 

It is interesting to note that Dutch ovens developed legs and even incorporated a ridge to hold hot coals. These were design changes done in America by Paul Revere. It became the most important cooking piece for all pioneers, miners, ranchers, and homesteaders across the US.

The Dutch Oven Today

The name Dutch oven is still used today, although modern pots no longer have legs and places to keep coals. They aren’t needed as the Dutch oven can sit on the stove top. This oven is versatile and a practical addition to any kitchen. But, if you are thinking of getting yourself one make sure you take a look at the Crumble cookware range. They emphasize quality and, if you’re going to invest in one of these, good quality is essential.

Once you have one, you’ll realize just how versatile these pans are.

Soup Making

The best way to create soup is in a pan on the stove and heat it slowly. A Dutch oven holds the heat well, allowing you to maintain a consistent temperature while cooking. All you have to do is add the ingredients and cover your Dutch oven while it cooks. 

Creating Sauces

If you’re ready to create sauces then the Dutch oven is ready to help you. You’ll need to have the lid on but leave a slight gap. This helps your sauce cook evenly while still allowing for some evaporation. 

Slow Cooking Dishes

The Dutch oven can be filled with everything you want to make a delicious casserole or hot pot. You then put the lid on and slide it into the oven. The whole Dutch oven is strong enough to withstand the heat in the oven. 

Leave the dish to cook all day and be prepared to enjoy the meat falling apart in your mouth.

Deep Sears

The Dutch oven can also be used to sear meat, just use it with a little oil to prevent burning. 

If you haven’t already got or tried a Dutch oven, it’s time you did!

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