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DIY Christmas Decorations Wooden Slice Doe Ornaments

Today we have a super cute Woodland Doe Wood Slice Christmas decoration idea for you to try. These are really easy to make, are quite budget friendly and I just love how they turned out. They are adorable. We have quite a few wood slice crafts this month and we hope you find some Christmas decoration Inspiration.

DIY Christmas Decorations

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Supplies For This Christmas Decoration Craft Idea

DIY Christmas Decorations

How To Make This DIY Christmas Decoration

Paint the wood slices a light brown. 1-2 coats.

Allow to dry completely. Cut a circle of dark brown felt the size of the wood slice.

painting Wooden slice doe craft

Cut the circle into the shape of the does nose bridge and forehead. Refer to photos.

Cut small black circles for the doe’s nose. 

Cut small ears from light brown felt and inner ear pieces from pink felt. Refer to the photo. 

Glue the pink inner ear into the light brown ear.

Pinch the ear together at the bottom and glue together. Refer to the photo. 

Glue the dark brown nose bridge/forehead felt piece and black nose onto the wood slice.

Glue the ears on top of the ornament.

Use a black paint pen to draw on eyes. 

Glue a piece of twine onto the back of the wood slice for hanging on a tree.Your ornament is finished!

These would make wonderful keepsake gifts.

Wooden slice doe craft DIY Christmas Decorations


Wooden slice doe craft DIY Christmas Decorations

These look super cute on the Christmas tree.

Wooden slice doe craft DIY Christmas Decorations

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Wood Slice christmas