Disney Frozen Play a Melody Elsa Doll

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Today on The Inspiration Edit we sharing two fantastic new Elsa dolls created by Hasbro. These are the Disney Frozen Play a melody gown and the Musical Elsa from Olaf’s Frozen adventure.

I have to admit my daughter was jumping up and down with excitement when she saw these lovely dolls and they really are very fun.

The Disney Frozen Play a melody gown is really fantastic. The Elsa doll plays the well known song “:”Let it Go” from Disney’s Frozen movie.

There are three ways to play with the Elsa doll musically. You can listen to the song, follow the lights on Elsa’s dress, tapping the snowflakes to play a tune or children can create their own melodies. I think it is fantastic as it’s like a mini keyboard on Elsa’s dress and this makes the doll extra interesting and super fun.

My daughter does love to play the keyboard and play small tunes so having the functionality to do this on the body of Elsa is just really great.

The Elsa doll can be used to play music and play as a normal doll and Sylvia really does like this.

When asked to score her new Elsa Play a melody gown Doll, Sylvia gave her doll a 10 out of 10.

The doll retails for around £34.99 and is a great toy. I think it would make a great Christmas or birthday present.

The second doll is the Musical Elsa from the Olaf’s Frozen Adventure movie.

This doll sings the song “When we’re together” and is a fun doll to play with.

The Elsa musical doll has a lovely dress with a snowflake cape and fluffy shoulder puff. To make Elsa sing you simply press her tummy and she begins to sing the festive song about discovering the true meaning of Christmas.

Sylvia also loves this doll and after playing with both, I asked her to choose one to keep now and one to save for Christmas. It was a hard choice but she decided to keep out the second doll for now and the Melody doll will be unwrapped again at Christmas. I think Sylvia is saving “the best till last”. The second Elsa doll retails for £25.59.

We really love both these dolls and they are both good quality and fun to play with.

*We were sent these toys as part of the Hasbro toy testing team.

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