Letter P Worksheets for Preschool Kids

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Here are some letter P Worksheets for Preschool Kids to enjoy.

Teaching the letter P does not have to be difficult and with these P is for pencil letter p printables you can give the kids some fun whilst teaching about the letter P.

There are so many fun activities that you can do with preschool kids to teach the letter P. The letter P has a long and short sound and can be a tricky sound to learn. You can help make this fun by providing kids with fun and interesting activities based on the letter P.

letter p worksheets for preschool kids

What You Get With These Letter P Printables

  • Letter P tracing worksheet for lower and uppercase letter p
  • Pencil count work sheet
  • P is for pencil coloring page
  • Pencil line trace page

Letter P Activity Ideas

You could look at different birds that start with the letter P, for example, talk about Penguins, Peacocks, the Pukeko bird and Pigeons.

Draw and create some letter P crafts, craft a polar bear or a penguin, or a series of animals from the polar region!

Try teaching the kids about Peter Piper and have them say the tongue twister..Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.

Go on a treasure hunt or explore in the garden for items starting with the letter P.

Make the letter P in sand or using playdough or use other materials to create the letter.

You might like to make a Penguin Bookmark. We have a fun tutorial here on Craft Play Learn for a super cute DIY penguin Bookmark craft.

easy penguin bookmark craft idea

We also have some Pokemon Origami bookmarks which might be fun for the little ones to make. P is for Pokemon and Pikachu!

Read Books About the Letter P

You could find some books about animals or creatures starting with the letter P. Why not try this fun Dinosaur book, P is for Pterodactyl.

Download Your Letter P Printables Here!

Letter P Worksheets

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