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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Disney Princesses

disney princesses

5 Things You Didn’t Know about the Disney Princesses

disney princesses

There are now officially 13 Disney Princesses – Jasmine, Ariel, Rapunzel, Tiana, Belle, Merida, Cinderella, Pocahontas, Aurora, Mulan, Snow White, Elsa and Anna. This list makes up a lot of ladies with their own rich stories and histories. Even if you’re a big Disney fan, there might be some things about these princesses you didn’t know.

Let’s explore:
1. Ariel is the only Disney princess who was not born a human. Her name means “lion of God” in Hebrew.
2. Walt Disney once told Ilene Woods (who played Cinderella), that Cinderella was his favourite heroine.
3. Rapunzel and Snow White are both from Bavaria.
4. Reese Witherspoon was also originally cast as the voice of Merida, but it was Kelly MacDonald who ended up taking the job.
5. Disney shot all of Cinderella in live-action, using it as a guide for animation.

There are even more facts we can add to the list. For example, do you know the ages of all the princesses? Did you know that Snow White is the youngest at only 14? Pocahontas was the only one based on a real person. Tiana and Mulan are both left-handed. These little tidbits will make you want to watch all the movies again, with these new facts in your mind.

So, did you learn anything new from this list? Are there other facts about the Disney Princesses that we missed? Who is your favourite princess?

*Image courtesy of Disney 

disney princesses


  1. I love to learn new fun facts about anything Disney related! I love that Cinderella was shot in live action first. Fascinating.

  2. Amazing and really interesting! I love that each princesses have their own characteristics! Great details for each characters, too!

  3. These are fun facts. I’m 47 and still love the princesses. Rapunzel is my fave. That show makes me laugh every single time I watch it. I think it’s the horse that makes the movie. 😉

  4. Very interesting! I didn’t realize that Cinderella was shot in live action. That is so cool. I loved Disney princesses growing up.

  5. Wow. I did not know about any of these until now. Mulan was left handed? I got to watch that movie again.

  6. What a fun read! I knew about Pocahontas and even read about th e real person after I saw the movie. I did not know that Snow White was the youngest at 14. Wow. Mulan and Tiana, being left handed is something I never noticed when I watched the film.

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