Penelope Pug Storage Footstool From Red Candy

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Penelope Pug Storage Footstool From Red Candy

This year as a family we are making small improvements in the home and today I am excited to share our most recent addition to the home which is a Penelope pug storage footstool. 

Last year I focussed on decluttering each room, which if I have to be honest, already needs to be repeated. However the main focus for 2019 is slowly making our home a little nicer and I’m working on the lounge and kitchen at the moment.

Along comes Penelope! 

Penelope Pug Storage Footstool

Well, a foot stool can come in very handy for two reasons. Firstly, we love to put our feet up in the lounge when sitting on the sofa, however when the whole family is sitting down there is not always enough space. 

This new footstool will therefore come in very handy. It will also be a great little seat for my daughter when we have guests and need an extra place to sit and is the perfect stepping stone for Yoda our Bichon. 

Penelope Pug Storage Footstool

Yoda was attacked a few years ago and as a result he has a dodgy leg. He is not confident at climbing onto the sofa to relax and we often throw a cushion onto the floor as a stepping stool. 

I’m really pleased we have this footstool. It is great for our home and so stinking cute! 

A Storage Footstool From Red Candy

The Penelope pug storage footstool is not only super cute and a great stool for the lounge, it also has a fantastic storage space which is going to be super useful. 

Sylvia often needs a pen or colours and I am thinking of letting her use the space in new footstool to store her pencil case and paper. The space is pretty big and will be perfect for this purpose. 

There are a range of Storage footstools at Red Candy which are all really lovely. I love Heidi the hippo, Esther the elephant and Duncan the dinosaur. 

Footstool Size and Materials

The footstool is a good size and measures 66 by 36 by 37 cm. T

he dog footstool is grey in colour and the main material is a faux leather.

The footstool has four wooden legs which add style and match the colour of the hinge which opens the lid to the storage box. 

The footstool we received retails for £85 and would make a great piece of furniture in a lounge or your child’s bedroom. Sylvia loves the stool, I love it and so does my husband John. 

We are really pleased with this new addition and I look forward to making more small improvements to the home in the coming weeks. 


We were gifted the storage footstool in return for an honest review

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