Properties and People: 6 Ways to Be a Great Landlord

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Everybody has an inclination to earn some extra money. We all feel like we want to be some entrepreneur or investor, and a lot of people are now naturally considering renting out their property or becoming a landlord. But what are the things that we all need to remember about being a landlord? Here are the things that don’t just make a landlord good, but great

Properties and People: 6 Ways To Be a Great Landlord

Stay On Top of Maintenance

A good landlord will always make sure the property is well presented but they will be quick to respond when there are problems. 

Understanding the Commitments

You may believe that being a landlord is an excellent way to make some extra money, but you have to weigh up the pros and cons of renting out a property. There is plenty of information online to help you out. The resources by Kevin Canterbury with Redstone Capital Management highlight the benefits of renting out and selling your house and which would be better for you. The fact is that you’ve got to be committed to being an effective landlord because your tenants will call you at any time of day, so you need to be ready. 

Be a Great Communicator

Great landlords will always be able to answer questions in an easy-to-follow fashion. Additionally, they need to be easy people to deal with. You may opt to use a leasing agent to help you, but this doesn’t mean that you are off the hook when it comes to dealing with any particular problems. Being a good communicator is a handy life skill to have, so make the most of it. 

Be Transparent

Honesty is always the best policy, especially when it comes to past issues with the property. You may have a property that had issues with mould. A good landlord will never cover up these issues. In fact, they will be upfront and let tenants know. This means that if issues arise again, the tenant and landlord will work together. Something like mould is commonplace, and landlords need to have a variety of methods to deal with mould, while also providing solid advice to the tenants to guarantee a good working relationship. 

Have Respect

A tenant doesn’t want their landlord hovering over them all the time and scrutinising them. A landlord that is worth their salt will maintain a very respectful distance between them and the tenants. Ultimately, your tenants need to live their life. 

Trust Your Tenants

A good landlord will always trust their tenants. You might think that a tenant is going to try and sidestep any potential issues or responsibilities, but this is why you need to have a good vetting process in the first place. But an excellent landlord will always have trust in the process as well. 

To be a great landlord, it’s not just about having an understanding of what it takes to be a good landlord on paper, but actually being a solid and respectful individual in a human sense as well because when it comes to selling up your home after hanging up your landlord keys, you should have faith in the fact that you did your best for the property and the people.

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