Match a Mummy Memory Game for Kids

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Match A Mummy Memory Game For Kids – Review

Today we have a fantastic new game to share with you. This Match A Mummy activity is a Memory game based on Ancient Egypt and is a great way to teach little ones about the ways the Egyptians lived. 

This super fun game is Published by Laurence King Publishing. The text in this game is written by Anna Claybourne and the illustrations created by Lea Maupetit. 

Egyptians Memory Game

This Egyptian themed memory game is really quite simple and fun to play. In fact the Match A Mummy game has 20 pairs of cards which need to be matched together. 

From ancient Egyptian wigs to eye makeup to Egyptian gods, this game can teach children more about the way of life back in the Egyptian times and well as being a fun game and activity. 

Match a Mummy Memory Game

The aim of this game it to collect the most pairs of matching cards. The illustrations are beautifully designed and the game is aimed at children aged six and over. This is a great activity to play with kids and a fun activity for those visiting The British Museum to see the Ancient Egyptian collection. 

We enjoyed playing this match a mummy memory game and I think it’s a fun activity. This would be great for kids learning about Egyptians in the classroom or at home and is a simple and easy game to play! 

I like the quality of the cards and the box is nice and small so it won’t take up too much space in the games cupboard. This is one fun memory game and a good way to teach kids and get them practicing their memory skills whilst having fun. 

match a mummy game

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